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Camping Spots..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jimmythehuman, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. ...anyone willing to give good tips on Vic weekened distance camping spots that are QUIET, accessable in my BA and have a river or something groovy nearby?

    I bought myself the plush 12 man tent for the 4 of us :) But for $450 instead of the ticketed $899 at Rays big sake today - Montana and wanna take my 3 little kids and wife camping a few times this year. We put it up in the back yard when we got home - it was easy, it take only 3 cans and 2domestics to get it up, and only 1 domestic to get it down and packed up. :)

    Aside from it being a river catch a yabbie or a fish, i really wanna avoid camping next to a campsite of 2stroke driving, boat flare burning, Megadeath playing fools while I have the family there. Which tends to happen when you go off to the normal sites, like Noogie and Eildon - Jews Creek etc

    Love to hear any tips for good spots.
  2. There's an AWESOME spot at Toolangi (near Healesville) but it's very hard to find. I've got a map around here somewhere, if you're interested I'll see if I can dig it up.

  3. Sounds cool. in fact my colleague said they camped at Healsville at Christmas, ona river in there somewhere they too said it was very secluded.
  4. I don't know if you'd call it a weekend trip (3-4 days would be better) but theres a beautiful camping spot on Mt Buffalo next to lake catani. Good fishing bushwalking and views. Nice and cool up there this time of year too.

  5. Yeah the spot i think sir b is talkin about is in the murrindindi scenic reserve near toolangi. Grab yourself a copy of Toolangi - Black range forest activities map (from your local map shop or camping outlet) its on there ( you will need the map to find it anyway) Ive stayed there , heaps of camping spots right on stream heaps to see lots of walks and stuff. small fee to camp. Pit toilets avail... no showers u will need to bring one. Some sites allow dogs.
    Hope this helps :)
  6. This spot isn't in the "fee" section of the black forest mate, it's a hidden spot on the river on a side road off another side road. We found it with the help of a map, otherwise you'd never find it. It's circled on my map now :)

  7. Safe for little kids? Mine are 3 and 4.

    Really trying to avoid the party campsites and be able to leave the tent during the day and go and do stuff....
  8. Borderline. If you've got little kids, you're better off with one of the public campsites rather than the tiny little hidden ones (the one I know has the river *right* at the edge of the site, and it was deep enough that you'd have to keep an eagle eye on them in case they fell in). As far as leaving your tent, same thing, more people (that you meet and befriend) means more (read: some) to watch your stuff when you go walkies. Better to never leave anything you can't afford to lose at a campsite though.

  9. mate....Wilsons Prom is always good, or even good old Warburton Caravan Park, you can camp by the river and they have a pool..... plus when you are fed up with the kids, you can wander up to the road and watch the bikes going past... :p
  10. http://www.lornelink.com.au/templates/3.asp?ID=33&frommap=1

    Cumberland falls on the Great Ocean Road.

    It has a river, waterfall and if you're up for it a long hike into the forest. It's right next to the beach and it's just after Lorne.

    Good spot but it's best that you get there very early in the day.
  11. What is a BA, a can and a domestic? Just trying to brush up on the lingo before I land in Au.
  12. BA = Car, Ford
    Can = umm a can. :) Can of beer
    Domestic = domestic argument, withyour spouse.

  13. RUBICON Kendals A and B have New toilets
    travel from healesville to Taggerty turn Right to Eildon,approx 14 klm there is the SIGN Rubicon Horse Riding
    turn right up there to Rubicon ,follow all the way to the end of the Bitumen follow along the dirt approx 2 klm in on the left is a driveway into Kendalls A ,Brilliant camping spot with the River right there,not too deep and can be walked along(rocky) ,plenty of quiet and space for the kids to play safely and plenty of walking tracks ,If you are up to it go for a walk back out to the road and Straight up the hill in front of you and have a look at the water race (hang onto kids hands the water is fast dont fall in (i have ALWAYS wanted to ride this on a boogy board;- )for the electricity,the Rubicon power station is up a bit further and there is a water forde to play in as well (bluddy cold water ask my Dog and horse ;-)
  14. Revilo that sounds like a treat - we are off for camping for 2 days aftert tomorrows ride, do you thijnk this spot will have many clowns? I am really not keen at all on camping near a big groups of ciockheads.

    Anyone else gopt any suggestions? Otherwsie we are going to go up to old fav spots around Jeruselum Creek, or the Delatite around the lake somewhere or maybe even to Walhalla...drive till find a nice one...this one sounds like it will be worth dropping in fora look.
  15. Middle Creek or Ferntree camp grounds near Beaufort are pretty good. Ferntree is smaller and more private. No idea how much water is in the creek at present.

    180km out of Melbourne, between Ballarat and Ararat.


    The bestest spot in the whole wide world (would I make this up?) is on the Murray, just north of Corryong - I think the spot is caled the Toowong campsite. No good for little kids - the Murray is too close.
  16. How about The Laks National Park @ Loch Sport 300km from Melb. On the shore of Lake Victoria with good toilets. 90 Mile Beach 5 mins away?
    Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park. Part is on shores of Lake Victoria but most on 90 Mile Beach? Water temp here is still in mid 20's.

    Both places will be quiet this time of year.

    Info is on www.parkweb.vic.gov.au I think.
  17. I would have to say the best place I've seen as a camping ground plus a place that where there are heaps of things to do plus a river and is quiet is Walhalla.

    It has a fantastic entry road that would be absolutely fantastic to ride (if you took your bike) but I would only recommend riding it in Summer as parts of the road are cover in moss and are damp and wet in Winter.