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Camping @ Phillip Island

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ricecooker, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    A friend and I are planning on heading down to the GP this year, and neither of us have ever been to PI before, and are a bit excited so starting to look at it now :grin:

    What is camping at the track like? I understand that there is two camping areas, highside and trackside, which is better? We are just a bit worried it might be a bit feral there?

    Or are there any caravan parks within walking (read: stumbling) distance?

  2. :grin:

    I was down there for the first time last year and had a BALL!!... I camped trackside, and its noisier, but a whole lot of fun... keep an eye out near turn 1 for the Hawaian crowd :grin:

    Hope to see ya there :)

  3. Keep an eye out for netrider share house threads, much nicer it the weather is crap.
  4. yeah ! . . . what Woodsey said ! ;)
  5. ^^ + agoogle

    There will be other options (ie share house etc) available as it gets a bit closer.

    Will also cut your expenses down a bit and give you a bit more beer money :wink: :grin:
  6. Or you can just pitch a tent in my front yard Mel - I'm 2km from the track. :)
  7. Question for GP veterans.

    If buying tickets..... is htere a package/type of ticket reccomended for Netriders so we can hang out in a group?? If thats happens......never been to a bike race of any type before.

    Thinking about trying to get there this year.
  8. Drew,
    Unless you pay for expensive seats there is no need to group buy, as it is all just general admission, and you walk around to where ever you want to stand for that minute.

    So if you are going for 3 days, just get a 3 day pass and its a strap that goes around your wrist.
    Only for race day, just get a day pass, and works the same.

    The wrist strap colours designate what areas you can enter too, ie general admission, trackside campgrounds, etc. So there are guards at each gate checking and you just show and go through :)
  9. If you happen to have a student card, you will be paying nearly half the price for your tickets. :wink: :cool:
  10. I'm also keen this year, and may even have the new ride if all goes to plan! :woot:

    Does everyone generally rendezvous for the ride down?

    Obviously we have plenty of time to learn the ropes, and hopefully I'll get the chance to meet all of you before then.

  11. Planning on going this year...

    would love to ride down but this causes logistical wrangling.

    Mrs Drew wil wan to come.... so either she drive (she won't be happy with that) or we find a nice rider with a pillin seat not used for camp gear etc.

    moving around the island also cuases the same issues.....

    or we both take the car and have a less fun but no troubles trip.

    or I find her a bike (and money to buy it) before then :)

    Hopefully we can arrang to trave with some other netriders
  12. There's your solution Drew :grin:
  13. Cheers, and thanks for all your responses!

    I'll keep an eye out for the hawaiian shirt crew and say g'day :grin:

  14. unfortunately easier said than done :(
  15. I've got a better Idea. I'll ride and you take the car! :p
  16. yeah right...... you gotta get L's 1st :p