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Camping near Walhalla, Vic

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Mick M, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. As the end of my 2 week holiday approaches, an overnight trip on the bike was deemed necessary to test the new tent and sleeping mat.
    Over packed, as expected. (1st pic) and headed out on a loop of the Mt BawBaw National Park, anti-clockwise.

    Left home just after lunch yesterday and travelled via Yarra Junction to Noojee (2nd pic), then up Mt BawBaw Tourist Rd for a bit, before turning right onto Willow Grove Rd. Fun road, this one, but you never hear about it.

    Quick stop at the Blue Rock Dam (3rd pic), then onto Erica, Rawson, and Walhalla and about 4pm.

    My intended destination for the day was Aberfeldy Bridge, which involved a logging road + a 4wd track for about 20kms. Had the campsite all to myself (pics). There are proper camp fireplaces with swivel hotplates and hooks for a billy and such, which is very cool. Even toilets are provided. I suspect this place would get quite busy in summer.

    Up at 7am today, for brekky by the river. Suki looks keen to hit the road (photo), so it's pack up time and wheels up by 8.30. Well, not literally up, it's GS after all. More like sideways.

    Retraced my steps to Walhalla to take some photos, then back to Moe for fuel and back north again, through to Amor and the Thompson Dam. (photo)

    Then the big dirt section of the trip began, with a turn off onto the Thompson Valley Rd, past Mt St Gwinear, through to the Nine Mile Rd (pics) to Toorongo, Loch Valley and finally back onto tar (I could kiss you right now, you smooth, sexy tar), for the short, but fun run back to Noojee.

    ***It's worth mentioning to any one considering doing this, these logging roads are in great condition and on a proper dual-sport would be a hoot. I imagine power slides out of every, well cambered corner. But be warned, the empty logging trucks coming the other way are on top of you, almost with no warning, if you don't spot the dust plume from a couple of bends away. I passed 5 of the bastards and it was exciting every, single time. That section is about 80-90km long, so commitment is the key.

    Back to Yarra Junction and home for a well deserved wash. Oh, and one for me, as well.

    All up, a 24 hour getaway, and 465kms travelled. Just over a tank of fuel. Go, you good thing.

    Next time, I'll pack smarter, take a comfy chair and an interesting book.
    Who am I kidding? They'll be bike mags.

    It's a big country, folks. Get out there, have fun and test yourselves.

    004.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG 012.JPG 013.JPG 016.JPG 017.JPG 019.JPG 020.JPG 022.JPG 023.JPG 025.JPG 028.JPG
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  2. Walhalla a snapshot of the olden days. Did you manage to make your way up to the graveyard? Really interesting place.
  3. Not on this this occasion.
    I do plan to go back and have a real good look around the place.
  4. I hope you bought your silver mouthspray to ride shiny and chrom through WALHALLA.
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    I get it. ;)
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  6. This sounds like a proper adventure, would love to see a map or something of the route
    *ehum ehum*
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  7. Yep, here's the map as a pdf.

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  8. nice. a great read. i am not that adventurous
  9. nice read , looks like a good trip to do
  10. Grand, thanks for that!
  11. Might have to join you next time mike looks like a blast man.
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