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Camping gear for motorcycles

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by snake, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was watching a video earlier of a guy touring around on a motorbike and he had a tank bag with all his equipment which he said contained his tent!

    Can anyone suggest some places to look at tent specifically designed for motorcycles? IE something small and compact?

  2. Just commenting so I can subscribe to this thread. Very interested too.

    I have a telescopic fishing rod for motorbiking. It was gift though so not sure where it came from.
  3. Big W has small tents for bikes, Mine is 100 mm X 600 mm and fits in my Rjays bag just. Verticaly, But it can be strapped on the seat if there is no room in the bag,
  4. You can get hiking style camping gear (tents, sleeping bag, self inflating mats etc) which are very light and compact.

    Personally I prefer slightly larger and lots cheaper tents, that way I don't have to be so careful with the tent.

    I don't skimp on sleeping bags or mats though.
  5. Yeah most hiking gear is quite compact and light. Single man tent probably.
  6. 20.00 cheap one strap across the rear of bike so it slightly over hangs on either side (and but in a dry bag), people think you need to smallest gear possible sure it helps but you also need to consider cost to buy and replace, imo get a good sleeping bag that can be reduced very small, cloth and it go in dry bag inside rjay bag on the back pillion seat, tent gets strapped on ventura rack with andy straps, (throw in a blow up matress and air pump weight is maybe 20-30kg, it's still lighter then any pillion and doesn't seem to slow me down too much (well i slow down slightly due to touring cos binning it while on tour is just a prick of a thing to do)

    Have fun and enjoy, most of my favorite moments while riding have been on motorcycle tours
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  8. The trouble with swags is they are almost without exception very bulky.
  9. That looks quite small though, hard to gage on the net..

  10. Swag it?

    Obviously the proper canvas ones roll up too thick but you can get 'tent style' swag which fold up fabulously... unless of course that is exactly what all those links are in which case I should shhhhhhh.
  11. I think the link below is no canvas matieral but advertised as strong as canvas...
  12. sorry for the late reply but i have this tent;


    it's quite compact and light.

    and this sleeping bag which i've had for 5-6years.


    mine looks different than the one linked, but same brand/model. my one has a carry case with 4 straps on it which can be used to compress the bag as much as possible.

    You want to look in the hiking stores for good quality small stuff, or army disposals. The hardest thing i've found is finding room for food and water.

    Your gear doesn't really need to be light, just small.
  13. Just ordered one of these. I'll do a write up when I get it. Suspect it might be a whisker wide for comfortable use on the bike but we'll see how we go.
  14. 7% more waterproof than canvas.

    And canvas leaks like a 95 year old geriatric.

    Thats comforting. Look forward to reading the review.


  15. 7x not 7%, or so they claim anyway. Even 7x should leave you pretty wet though if my experiences of canvas swags in real downpours is anything to go by :p

    Figured it was worth a gamble.
  16. I got a hiking tent here that I used to use as a youngen. Its done some serious k's in the bush. Total weight is 2kg. Designed for 2 but good luck, you would want to be good friends to share it for the night. Designed by MSR. Cost me about $700 from memory.

    Picked up another from anaconda almost the same for less than $200, although the anaconda version was a 3 season not good for snow, but who wants to camp in snow? The anaconda (branded denali) folds up real small too. I can use a thermolite matress and the denali tent and it takes up less space than any swag and weights a tenth of the weight.
  17. I got a $130 swag from the local camping shop which is both comfy and warm enough for camping in as long as its not raining..

    It does come with the little pegs to prop it up into a mini tent thing, but is only splash proof, so not good when the ground forms puddles...


    It looks bulky in this pic as I was using a gigantuous, tall luggage rack but I've developed a way to strap it down lower (saddle bags also lower) so that theres slightly less wind disturbance

    My point: it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive.. as long as it does the job you want it to (y)
  18. nice swag, looks trick...all you need now is a cattle dog on the tank and an akubra hat.

    two cheap plastic tarps and a length of rope.
    place one tarp on the ground, place swag on tarp, stops moisture comming up into the swag at night.
    the other tarp is a makeshift fly above the swag incase of rain.
  19. Going camping off the back off my bike in America soon YAY! Luckily I have been a keen multiple-day hiker for some time already, so all my gear is small, strong and light. It should fit in my 50l waterproof duffle bag no worries, but yeah, then I just need to deal with food and water.