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Camping and douchebags

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by snuff3r, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. So, i took my six year old son camping this weekend; gave the wife a break, etc. Thought it was about time he learned that just about anything can be cooked on an open fire, how important a billy was and the early warning signs for hypothermia - male bonding stuff.

    We arrived and met family friends at the site at about 9am-ish, had the tent up by 10am-ish and had the fire raging by midday - hells yeah! It's hard to beat snag sandwiches, beer, hardcore bush and good friends sitting around enjoying each other's company. Add in marshmallows, a bushwalk and more fire, and the day was progressing incredibly well, my son was loving it, and we were all enjoying the lack of technology - trees, thunder and crackling fire. Seriously, is there much better?

    Then the boguns arrived.

    They popped out of their cars, bundy and coke in hand, and loudly started discussing where the tent city would be erected. An hour later the campsite was swimming in flannos, JD/coke cans and swearing so loud you could hear it from a mile away (usually my language would make a sailor blush but not when the area is full of kids, ffs). Then, the incredible went a notch up - they pulled the ute up and put the stereo on. Putting aside the fact that their musical taste was fine by my standards; Doors, Led Zep, Stones, etc; the volume.. jebus. It was so loud i could feel the bass through my fold-out chair 40m away. I could hear it reverberate off the valley mountain faces.

    The last two times i've camped now the same thing has occurred. Peace, quiet and tranquality.... then a group of inconsiderate, noisy, assholes rock up and ruin it all. Last time it was idiots with generators/TVs and this time it was music and mega-late night drinking/swearing.

    I gave up, care of the incessant rain, and headed home today. We had a good time and can't wait for the next time. Unfortunately, I can't help but wonder: what the fark is wrong with people?

    If anyone knows the drunken yobs that rocked up at Mogo camp grounds/Yengo Nat Park this weekend: feel free to pass on the message that they ruined the experience for at least four families this weekend. Good job, twats.
  2. Yah this is why I don't go camping in summer anymore, only go in winter.

    I don't give a stuff about swearing but the knobs with stereos and generators (one group even strung up a sheet and watched a movie with a projector) pisses me off.

    You've gotta get a 4WD to get far enough in the bush to get away from the falcadore crew.

    Still, it's a public place. If you make some sort of compaint then the areas are closed to everyone so what can ya do?
  3. I sympathise with you. I love my camping, but I hate the wankers. These are the idiots that will also leave all the mess behind, and throw all their bottles in the fire. Pisses me off no end. It seems that everytime I find a new place to camp, away from people, the bogans find it not long after.

    I'll give you a tip. Forget public campgrounds, find a good private owned campground cause they tend to evict the dicks. Might cost you a few bob more, but its honestly worth it.

    There is one place up here just north of brisbane that I camp. You have to travel through a private property to get there, and the bloke charges you $10. But he also evicts the knobs. Find a place like that and you are onto a winner.
  4. You have to be more creative than the batemans bay area. Everybody camps around there.
  5. Yepm, that happened to me twice when I went camping last year. Same as you, my vocabulary isn't the cleanest but its different in public and esp around minors.

    Now, I try to only go places where me and my mates in 4x4s have trouble reaching. This seems to improve the experience.
  6. I think myself and some RAAF mates were those bogans, only it was 20 years go somewhere up Big River... But to be fair we always set up a long way from anyone else, and it was only one year a family insisted on moving in next-door - they packed up and moved out again after the first night. And we always took our rubbish etc with us, so it looks like bogan standards of campground etiquette have slipped over the years.

    As other have said: further is better, and if you can get a Commode in there, expect trouble...
  7. Jot down the rego numbers and tell the NPWS, they will follow it up.

    Wokwon has the right idea - get a real 4x4, learn how to use it and leave all of the utes behind. A decent 4x4 wagon will go places that any HiLux will struggle with. I've found that most of the 4x4 enthusiasts hate the bogans, too.
  8. i'm just getting back into camping and getting my kids into it too. care to share details??
    there's a place i went to about a month back near rathdowney, i forget exactly where but it was great. only problem is travel time and 2 young kids
  9. Yup, Kauri Creek, not the log dump (that is bogan city). Travel time is bad, its about 2 and a bit hours. Think Tin Can Bay and a bit further north. Only problem is that no wind = midgies, and its pretty much a boaties spot, not much else to do other than fish.

    There is good family spots around. 4wd or 2wd?
  10. Really? I reckon the 4x4 hiluxes with lift look as though they'd make pretty decent offroad vehicles.

    I want to go camping with the DR some day, it sounds like I'm gonna have a much more enjoyable experience if I go some place where the knob heads can't easily reach. My house mate knows a spot I forget where, but anyone know any places?
  11. yeah tin can's a bit far
    2wd for the foreseeable future
  12. Dunno about decent, it's my partners 1992 Daihatsu Feroza. Uncomfortable as hell but bulletproof and so light it sails past the 3 ton Landcruisers.

    My dad has a 2010 Pajero though and it's very impressive for the money.
  13. Mt Mee. There is a few kid friendly spots there. I have been there a few times and its pretty much absent of knobs. ARcher campground is good, Everytime I have been there its been pretty much empty. Never stayed at Neerum Creek, but it looks good also. There is a private campgound just as you come into the place from D'aguliar highway that looks pretty good too.

    Best to scope it out on a day trip first.

  14. The kids are a bit young yet, but once they are a bit older, take them hiking. Nothing like the exercise and feeling of accomplishment. And if you are camping at places only accessible by trail you are guaranteed no dickheads.
  15. snuff3r,

    I've camped at Newnes a few times.. While it can get busy, the campers seem to be generally considerate - only once I recall a large group get a little bit rowdy, but wasn't too bad.

    It's a fascinating spot, and reachable with 2wd - you just have to take it a bit easy in places on the way in.

  16. Spent a night down in Newnes easter weekend this year, it was utterly packed. Appart from one yelling match after someones kid ****** a bloke of there were very few problems. Another time dad and an uncle went there there was only 2 or 3 groups.

    A 4WD or adventure bike helps getting in there, but we saw a audi sedan down there, and dad got his K100, uncle his CX500, down and out again with no dramas.
  17. Happy Valley, Victoria :p up the Wonangatta River. Property (Used to) be owned by the Dungey family, has a pioneers hut up there rebuilt by my old man and his mates quite a few years ago. Beautiful part of the world, and NO BOGANS (2 1/2 hour drive down an unsealed track scares the f*wits off.
    If you go there remember to sign the visitors book in Harry Smith's hut :p