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Camping along GOR

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by nina, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. First time I combined camping with bike riding. I have to say it was more enjoyable than I thought :)

    Left Melbourne on the Sunday of Queens birthday weekend, made my way along the highway through Geelong tor Torquay. Here the 'boring' part was finally over, and the road became enjoyable.
    I made it along the Great Ocean Road and took the Red Johanna Road to the Camping Ground at Johanna. I chose Johanna not only because it's free, but also because I remembered it from walking the Great Ocean Walk (the hike-in campsite there has one of the best views ever!).
    I had plenty of time to set up my little tent and walk a short bit of the Great Ocean Walk to get my muscles moving again. Was nice to watch the salmon fishers hang out until way after sunset. Had a great night listening to the sound of the ocean (was quite a warm night though, my sleeping bag is really toasty!).

    Monday I packed up early, so that I was back on the road just after sunset. Boy that sun was annoying me! Blinding me at corners and thereby slowing me down a lot while I was making my way back along the Red Johanna Rd until it meets the GOR again!
    Back on the GOR I continued towards the 12 apostles and Port Campbell. Then turned around, backtracking my steps. I arrived happy, but exhausted that evening in Melbourne. The weather during my trip was great. Only one small shower on the way to Geelong, that bit of water didn't take long to dry off though :)

    Now my question is: who else goes camping with a bike?
    I would love to add more hiking to that, but the hiking boots alone take away so much space in the luggage...
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  2. Sounds like it was a great trip:applause:!! I've thought about doing something like this but never actually packed my bike and set off](*,)

    Well done!! Love the sprit of Adventure!!:beer:
  3. Good for you! It definitely sounds like an all round lovely time. Riding, exercise and beautiful scenery. Shame about the glare though.
  4. Did way too much camping and hiking in my teens and early 20s. Can't really be bothered anymore. More likely to stay in a country pub. Hot shower at the end of the day, steak dinner and a couple of frothies to send me off to sleep...

    That said, with the right company, an open fire under the stars would be pretty bloody awesome!
  5. I used to enjoy camping. Now I enjoy not having to build my accomodation before I can go to sleep and not having to dismantle it before I leave.

    but the GOR is a wonderful stretch of road. Although I still say to see the GOR at it's best (read spectacular) I wouldn't want to be on a bike.
  6. Always up for an overnight trip Captain. Want to try using the swag with the bike.
    Let me know.
  7. Nope, you need to walk it. That week of turning off your phone, not having to worry about anything apart from keeping your gear in a good state, not caring about other people, is just unbeatable. (When I walked it I was so lucky to have all campsites from Johanna onwards to myself, didn't see a single soul until I reached the Apostles.) But that's just me...

    Now I've done the GOR in 3 ways: car, foot, bike. Next time via horse? :D

    Definitely need to do more of those trips. Now that I have a bike and am mobile, I can actually go to places.
  8. I'll give walking it a miss thanks.
  9. Did three nights camping along the Great Ocean Road last summer. We set up tents in Lorne, Cape Otway, and then back to Lorne again. So much fun, especially in hot weather!

    Looks like your luggage system is a bit better than the one I used, which consisted of about twenty occy straps and took a half hour to set up every morning.

    The biggest problems are the car drivers who ignore the signs and the slow-vehicle turnouts no matter how hard you try to signal them, and the fact that carrying the weight of all the camping gear limits the amount of fun you can have on those corners on lighter bikes.

    The down side of the trip was spending insane amounts of time taking the road bikes across a kilometer or two of sand tracks to get in and out of our camp site at Cape Otway and then, as a result, running flat out of petrol about 70ks earlier than expected the next day on the freeway. Woops.
  10. brilliant. Well done.
  11. I'm impressed. I didn't have the nerve to do that on my L's, and now I'm no longer on my L's, I still haven't got around to doing anything like that! Must get onto that.
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  12. The area around Johanna is great for hiking. Also a nice detour off the GOR. Wouldn't want to camp out though in winter.

    There is a mob at Aireys Inlet (Blazing Saddles) who do rides into the Otway ranges or around Fairhaven.

    If you like hiking & riding (horse or bike) the Grampians is also a great area. I did a cabin stay at Grelco Run and loved it.
  13. WOW. I've been thinking about it since I got the bike but never got around to it.

    Even checked out some tents but never did it. Good for you! (y)
  14. WOW Nina good on ya =D> It's great down there on a bike i loved going to lorne on my bike :) As for camping would love to give it a go boring by your self but i guess being on your own would be good too... I remember long time ago when i stayed at a caravan park listening to the waves at 2,30 in the morning was lovely... I want to go all the way to Warrnambool going the GOR so will look forward to that trip...

    If u ever want a camping buddy and someone to walk with i'll be up for that just don't kill me lol... Anyway good on ya :)
  15. have heard strange stories about german back packers lol

    well done Nina, good on you for doing it
  16. Good on you Nina. I tend to mix it up on a longer trip, some camping some hotel. There are places that you will never experience if you don't camp.

    Overlooking the Derwent Tassie --------------------------------- Suggan Buggan on the Barry Way Victoria
    rainbowhobart-tentsandbikes-sml. bway-sugganbuggan2.
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  17. Well done Nina
  18. All my camping gear is 4WD sized and chosen for comfort: queen-size inflatable mattress, tent I can stand in…

    Bike camping sounds like a great way to travel, but I'd need all new gear!
  19. Looks like a great trip Nina.

    I'd love to travel and do some camping on the bike, but I find as I'm getting older I prefer the 4 star rather than 4 million stars (y)
  20. Yeah, I too like the full standing height tents, but there are some fairly good sitting height tents out there.

    For those contemplating camping off the bike, Backpacking Light in Somerset Place in Melb is the place to go (they also have an online store). Compact, light gear. Not cheap, but then the light stuff ain't. These guys know their stuff too.
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