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Campervan with bike space for touring around Aus

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Pjcliffo, Apr 17, 2016.

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    I'm planning to do some touring around Australia. Not necessarily a lap. I'm not too keen on long boring straight sections on a bike, in order to get somewhere. Preferences
    1. A fairly compact pop up camper van that I can put my Honda vfr800 in the back lhs using ramps and maybe a winch. Fold up bed on rhs. See my pic for an idea.
    2. A bike trailer behind the camper. Preferably a fold up one for storage.
    3. Just take the bike and camp or motel.

    Here is a trailer pic. This option is not as good for the bike in terms of protection, but does give some extra storage when traveling and frees up space in the van.

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  2. Budget for gear?

    How about this sort of rig? Can be at back of ute too.

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  3. Have looked at this but may affect handling and long distances to drive. This also requires careful vehicle and Towbar choice. Maybe possible.
    Budget is no more than necessary but obviously campervan could be up to $30,000.
    Just writing this has given me a fourth preference
    4. A van for bike and camping gear as campervans are crazy money and a van could be useful.
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    You could fit a van out for bike storage pretty cheap I reckon. Wheel channel and anchor pts for bike, and how about a bunk rigged above and on the side, maybe fold out, so you have the option of sleeping in the van with or without the bike inside?
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  5. I like the sound of this!
  6. One of the members of our club owns a Caravan factory he designed a caravan with a full fold down door at the rear and the van was designed so the bike went in between the furniture think it slept 2 or 3 Mind you that and tow vehicle would be along way over your budget
  7. Yes I've seen some of the toy hauler caravans, they are great but I don't want to be towing a van.
  8. Hooray, just bought this campervan with space for the bike!

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  9. Very nice, I have been doing some virtual tyre kicking on these same questions and options. Not ready yet but early research is never wasted.

    Congrats on the purchase and happy traveling
  10. Mate that's awesome, with fold out bed space too!! Excellent. Will look forward to pics of all this...
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  11. how much dude?
  12. Perfect Pj!! I love it. That certainly hits the spot and ticks the boxes. Let us know how the planning for the trip is going - would love to follow the thread. Definitely on the agenda for the future.
  13. Am flying to Adelaide on Wednesday to pick it up from private seller and driving it back to Sydney over a few days to get acquainted. Any ideas for the way back and things to see. Thought of riding there but decided to leave that foe later. By the way apart from the two folding bunks there is a double bed that electronically comes down from the ceiling and can stop at any height eg the bike under it if needed.

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  14. Bought it Wednesday drove back from Adelaide Thursday to Saturday. Van is great to drive, very few good bike roads and lots of bad weather so happy to be in the van.

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  15. Do you have any plans for refitting, or it's very close to being good to go?
    When are you planning on setting off on your journey?
  16. image. image. image. T image. image. It's good to go. Bike goes in van, double bed on top. Has bathroom kitchen and seating in front and outside. Hoping to leave mid June for trip up the coast to cairns, about 6 -8 weeks.
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  17. Love it Pj, that really is the ticket Mate. Mind if I ask what something like that set you back?
  18. image. image. Here's kitchen and bathroom
  19. For prices do a search for Avida or Winnebago escape.
  20. Lol, that's exactly what i was doing!! Cheers Pj.