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Camp grounds that are road bike suitable AND allow fires within a couple of hours of Sydney?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bcg, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Just back from Bendeela, would be absolutely perfect if you could have a fire.

    The only other place that I know of is Wollondilly River Station that isn't too far and allows fires, but Wombeyan Caves Road and an F800ST probably don't mix.

    Any suggestions?
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  2. http://www.turongates.com/

    Just at the end of Bells Line of road. $34 to camp with a hot shower. Pub up the road if it gets too hot in the afternoon (we camped in summer and snuck in some cricket watching).

    We got a VW golf and a corolla in there (~5km dirt drive way) so I don't think you'd have any problems on any bike.
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  3. riding a road bike on dirt isnt really that hard, i rode my hornet through a dried up creek bed covered in huge wheel deep ruts from flowing rains and big rocks as well as lots of loose stones and so on.

    Didnt even get a puncture or drop it and id only been riding a few weeks, and this was some serious off roading and the first time i have ever ridden anything off road.

    Just let the bike move under you and keep your head up and itl be fine.
  4. get a DR650
  5. Do people often go camping and burn road bikes, or is this a new thing?

    The Interwebs are so exciting; I'm learning lots of new stuff all the time.
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  6. That depends....
    What do you ride?
    Do you like camping?
    And most importantly: can you keep a secret?

    I'm keen on bike camping too - would need to get a rack installed first though, to carry a slab in...
  7. No prob's Kreeper, your secret is safe with me... mumsdaword... whatever happens at bike camp, stays at bike camp. :bannanabutt:
  8. I camped at a great little spot at North Arm Cove maybe 3 hrs North of Sydney.

    It's just here off Gooreengi Rd. Signs saying Bush Camp out front. It's a huge property and we were there Easter Friday night but still managed to find an empty spot where we could set up giant speakers a generator and a massive bon fire. $20 pp a night. The property owner told us if no one complained about the noise then we weren't trying hard enough.
  9. Most State Forests allow camping and fires ,(except during bushfire season).Just take care not to torch the forest. Murphy's Glen ,near Woodford in the Blue Mts is a good spot deep in the bush. A few kms of OK gravel road. The 'Best Bush' map from the NSW dept of Lands is good for info on National parks, state reserves, Crown reserves, Forests and National Parks. www.maps.nsw.gov.au will guide you there.
  10. its not camping unless your blowing up tinned goods in the camp fire.
  11. Not a new thing at all!

    Way back when my hair still had colour (well a colour other than grey) I used to ride most years to a rally in Victoria called the Wool Pack Rally which was held near this old wool shed.

    Each year they used to bring in an old Volvo and you could bash this Volvo with a sledge hammer for a few dollars. The right to smash the windows and lights were auctioned off and the proceeds went to charity.

    The other thing they used to do was bring along an old Honda each year, build a big bon fire and put the Honda on it.

    People used to stand around singing "Burn a Honda... Burn a Honda something something" (it was a while ago, I was drunk and I don't remember the words to the song).

    So no... burning bikes and camping... NOT new :)

    *ob safety message* We do not recommend trying this at home (fuel tanks tend to go bang even if empty unless you know what you're doing)
  12. I remember, vaguely, when pubs and milkbars had signs in the windows advertising the local club rallies... "No cars, no dogs, no glass, and no flaming footy!" they would declare.

    Those were the days... wet T-shirt competitions (when only women had breasts)... bands (when you knew all the words)... burnout competitions (when the most substantial construction on the site was the burnout pad, and 3 spare rims occy-strapped to a 500/4 was a pretty fkn cool sign of things to come)... ahh yes, the good ol' days. :)

    Then the outlaws tried to muscle in on the clubs, so the posters didn't go up any more, and everything became invite only.

  13. And drinking port straight out of a cask.