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VIC Camouflage Cops at the Spur

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Fa1c0n, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. How many cops/speed cameras are on the black spur?

    I havnt been down their yet, but everyone seems to speed... so?

    whats the chance of getting caught
  2. No chance at all.:---)
  3. I was down there on Sunday.

    If you speed you will be caught, they are everywhere. Plus there are permanently mounted cameras in the trees (or so I'm told).

    The only place we were stopped for a check was at the top of the Reefton Spur, was just a quick stop and a chat. They seemed to have no issues with fender eliminators, aftermarket exhausts or anything like that, just a simple license / registration check and sent us on our way.
  4. Lol. gotcha. no speeding down the spur then
  5. Go up on a sunny weekend and have a look for yourself.
    (You may need binoculars some days).
  6. Just to confirm, they just pull you over to check rego and licence? And that's it??? I'm heading down there in a couple of weeks.
  7. It really depends on who stops you, for what reason and what they've been told to focus on....

    Quite a few netriders have been given defect notices for fenders....
  8. If you're bike is illegal then I'd be expecting to get defected if you go down there. That said though, the cops that pulled us over really didn't care about the bikes, just reminded us of the speed limit all the way through the spur and told us to ride safely.

    One of the guys I was with was crapping his pants about it, he had a fender eliminator, after market exhuast and a number plate cover made from LCD glass that frosted over at the flick of a switch!

    All good for our group, but from what I hear that's not the norm.
  9. If you go on a weekend at the moment, you can't speed anyway, thick with cars who feel 50 is the safe limit - just don't be tempted to overtake - solid line all the way :(
  10. Now that is thinking!
  11. a rider died last weekend on Myers Creek Rd, which is nearby so there might be a crackdown again this weekend.
  12. That's pretty stupid on his part, if you're gunna fit stuff like that you should be prepared to run or get reamed when you do eventually get pulled over.

    Just my humble opinion.
  13. I think i'm in for a shock when I am down in Victoria riding. I've never been pulled over or waved over for a chat from the fuzz in NSW before. It sounds like the cops are a permanent fixture on the spurs. What about the GOR, GAR and down around the Prom?
  14. GOR, don't bother, GAR all good, but keep your eyes peeled, we saw a few, prom, haven't been.

    Of course, if you can ride to the letter of the law & not break any road rules, ride where you want :)
  15. With the long weekend and several recentfatalities there will undoubtedly be an increased enforcement presence in most of the popular routes.

    Also note there is a Bicycle Victoria event around Falls Creek, Mt. Hotham, Tawonga areas on Sunday 13th. There will be road closures.
  16. Hey Wolve, how do we arrange a motorcycling event around the same areas and close a few roads so we can pursue our passion (at the expense of other road users)???
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  17. Genius! What a shifty idea.
  18. Have had random checks done by the Jacks while riding GOR/Spurs/Prom and other than doing a breath, license and rego check all went well.
    GAR has a lot of hidden cops holding speed guns and other cameras around.
    Lately it seems to be the case there are more presence and random checks happening.
    If you ride really early, late or while raining you are less likely to encounter any of them and will have a nice uninterrupted ride.
    Have fun on your visit to the southern state.
  19. Thanks ResmeN, I'l be covering about 2500km around Victoria over 6 days, taking in all the good bike roads so I'm expecting to see a few. I've scheduled the trip to avoid the weekend.:D I'll try to keep my head and wrist in touring mode. :angel: Fark I can't wait.. 3 more weeks.
  20. From a geek perspective, that is very cool. Where do you find these things?