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Camouflage and Motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Why is camouflage prints popular among rider's apparels?

  2. Because it doesn't LOOK like motorcycle gear when you're off the bike.....
  3. Doesn't look dirty easily.
  4. Nothing freaks me out more than seeing a torso with no legs on a bike! Then the boots just floating there!
  5. My initial thought was the convenience to hide in the woods after getting into trouble, but then those hot red camouflage doesn't make sense.

  6. WHO the hell are YOU????

    administrator, joined Jun 2009??????
  7. holy shit! you think "they" are wearing the camo to blend into an urban environment? LOL

    stupid fashion statment.
  8. Since when has fashion made any sense. :)
  9. yeah, bring back flares and really wide collars, you'd never be missed by anyone on the road
  10. So people get the f#4k out of my way while walking down the footpath in the city. Try wearing a suit, notice how your ninja skills must be that much sharper.
  11. i don't wear it...it's just too gay...i don't want big burly blokes on Harley's blowing me kisses.
  12. Just do a uturn, then you won't have to worry about them while they spend 5 minutes duckwalking their bike to follow you.
  13. That explains all the motorbikes I have seen zipping around town without riders on them
  14. For the second time in history, Netrider has spoken.

    Camo gear is not the way to enlightenment...
  15. Why do fat chicks wear tight leggings...
  16. We all know we are invisible to cagers, so camo pants assist in being invisible to cops as well.
  17. qft...
    My eyes!
  18. +1 hornet, did no one else notice that stunt...??

    username was lucky, description was clever, picture was standard...
  19. He's an admin in camouflage gear
  20. I noticed it, just assumed it was one of the admins on a different account.