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Cameron Donald enters the Hughie Hoare memorial Race meeting

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Garfield, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Cameron has entered the Hughie again. He won the 45 minute plus 1 lap in his class last year. If any racing fans would like to visit, spectator entry is free. The HH is on at Broadford 20 - 21st September. The endurance races are on Sunday arvo.

  2. There you go folks. A chance to see a world class racer, in action at Broadford, for free.
    Does it get any better than that?
  3. Yes, there were rumblings around the campfire that Mr. Donald might make an appearance. I'll be there!
  4. Goodonya Loz. Bring your mates. There will be room for the 3 of yez.
  5. screw the gig, i'm coming just to see this!
  6. Get with the Program Edgie. We will expect a world class performance from the band, as well.
  7. the dates are already in my diary, (photo ops) but Camerons apperance will be a bonus.
  8. I wasn't enough of an attraction? Gutted.

    Dave, if you sign on with the race control (as a riders photographer) you can get inside the circuit and photo to your hearts content. Potential for some cost recovery if your piks are good from the racers.
  9. We fully expect you to smoke him, mate.
  10. Need Rizlas for that?

    Great to see someone like Cam at our event. Class act.
  11. Thanks banoobi.
    This website also has details of Saturday night. Edgelett's band is playing at the road road racers dinner. You need to book. It will be a sell out.
  12. A Racing God, a rock Godess, and an appearance by Loz.
    There be a trifecta.
  13. Cejay,
    Thanks for the info, will pay race control a visit.
    I would be there taking photos of your good self and others before I read Cameron was riding.
    You'll be leading the pack no doubt. :grin:
  14. I wasn't sure if you knew that already or not, but you can definitely say you are part of my team. They give you a nice fluoro vest and then you can more or less go anywhere you want to (under a flaggies instruction).
  15. cejay, you can tell your grand kids that you raced against the great Cameron Donald.