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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sydneycraig, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. was reading https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?p=2105847#post2105847
    and the idea of getting a camera fitted seems a good one...

    digital cameras/video reorders are cheap cheap now so anyone recommend one.

    i guess one that can store reasonable quality (for comp screen viewing not HD TV or anything anywhere near) and will record for 4-8hs, and small in size/weight??
  2. GoPro only records for 2-2.5 hours due to its battery capacity, yeah. Bigger battery would fix that... Or supplying it external power from your vehicle's alternator somehow.

    (Edit: though I'm not sure if it can receive external power whilst recording)

    Edit edit: From the manual:
    To charge battery and record video / photos simultaneously
    You can charge the camera’s battery while simultaneously recording video or photos. Simply plug the
    camera into any 500mAh or 1000mAh USB-based wall, car, or phone charger to charge the HD HERO
    camera while recording video or photos. It is best to use a 1 amp (1000mAh) charger for maximum charging
    performance when also recording video or photos with the camera while charging.

    So yes, it could run off of the bike's alternator.
  3. I suspect that you'd want to filter the output not just drop it down or risk damaging the electronics in the GoPro.
  4. Yeah, though any half-decent 12V DC to 5V USB car charger ought to do that automagically, I suspect.

    I should say; I'm not trying to be a smartarse. I'd genuinely be surprised if any lightweight, all-weather, affordable compact digital video recorder offered more than a few hours of continous video recording battery life. To get 8 hours I really think you'd need external power, or a battery swap or two throughout the trip, regardless of what brand camera is used.
  5. You would need to make sure the camera has enough memory to record for longer then 2.5hrs as well. Supplying external power is all well and good but if the memory runs out no amount of power in the world is going to help you record longer.

    4-8 hours of recording is a damn long time. You would certainly need a big memory card. You may even have to swap between multiple memory cards if you plan on recording in High Def.
  6. From GoPro website:

    So you would need a 32Gb card minimum for 4+ hours of high def recording. Drop the quality and you can record for up to 8.
  7. I have a Gopro Hero HD, you can't plug in USB to charge it while it's in it's protective case thingy.
  8. Not an issue for the Drift HD170/Stealth 1080p =D>
  9. What I want is one that will record over itself. That way I just plug it in and go. When I get a juicy bit of vid from a knobhead cager I can download it. Its a pain having to charge it each day and download it.
  10. I have a $90-00 Sanyo digital camera on mine with a 4 GB card in it, it gets a couple of hours, Top video's. good clear piccys,,
    Its not water proof, I just screw it on when I need it, or just push the button when I want to record some thing, It has sound as well,
  11. That is exactly what I want to do with a cam... Who's done the reading up on the GoPro HD? Can it do this?
  12. Nope, GoPro records until it gets full then stops.

    I saw something in the supercrap auto (not that any rider would shop there since that tv stunt they pulled) that does that for cars but it's a bit bulky for a bike.
  13. Argh.....Me thinks I'm going to have a shiney GoPro sitting on my bike not being used.... ](*,)
  14. GoPro has just released a new battery pack that doubles the battery life so I suspect you could get up to 4 hours now.


    As for external power I'm pretty sure you can charge from the bike. I have a 12V car lighter hooked up to my bike and I put a converter that plugs in to it for USB 5V. I'm pretty sure I could just plug that in to the GoPro. I also think that GoPro has a case that has holes on the side to allow connection of the power connector.
  15. Nah it's an awesome camera. I use it on the bike and when diving (using the chest harness) and 4wd-ing.
  16. You can buy a case with a hole in it for the charger OR you could pick up a hammer and something sharp to make that hole yourself :).

    Mine is just to recharge the camera when taking a coffee/back/food break.

    Ive never had the camera die out on me, in saying that, I normally dont have the camera running for the whole ride and will normally turn it on and off depending on the road fun factor.
  17. No need to download it, if theres nothing you want then just "DELETE ALL" takes 5 seconds to do.