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Cameras, esp helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MrBaggins, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. So I want to get a helmet camera once my P plates are off the bike later this year.

    I'm most concerned with size, battery life, image quality.

    Been looking at the newest contour, drift and Sony AZ1.

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts/opinions are on any of these. At the moment, probably leaning towards the sony or contour.

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  2. I've got a GoPro and two Contours (Roam 2 and Roam 3). I really only use the Contour, even though the GoPro has clearly superior picture and sound quality. The reasons I liked the Contour enough to be a repeat customer are:
    1. Easy to switch on and off. The GoPro is too fiddly to turn on or off while riding. The Contour is dead simple, with a huge slide switch and loud beep so you know it is on or off.
    2. The battery life and memory consumption on the GoPro is too short. The Contour lasts 3 or 4 hours on a charge, and a 32Gb memory card holds about 5 hours of video at highest quality. The GoPro is dead in an hour or so.
    3. The Contour is compact and fits well in multiple positions on the helmet.
    4. The swivel lens on the Contour means you can mount it on any angle and still get a straight image.
    I'm guessing the Sony would also have superior image quality, but the ease of use with the Contour wins it for me.
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  3. Drift Ghost S

    Battery lasts 3+ hours at 1080/60 or lower res, waterproof to 3M out of the box, lens rotates to always have level horizon and one of the best features is Tag mode where the camera constantly records and only keeps footage when you hit the button and the duration of the saved footage can be from 30s to 30 mins.
    One of the best features is its remote control which makes starting, stopping and tagging very convenient with coloured LED to feedback what the camera is doing.
  4. Only in mexico.

    I have the Drift Ghost S. Everything tweet said. Only 2 issues.
    * If you don't wait 20sec after turning on, as soon as you press record it freezes and you have to take the battery out to fix it.
    * No auto night time mode. Shit when you leave at dark and get to work when the sun is up.

    Apart from that it's great and doesn't look ugly.
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  5. I have a gopro hero3 silver and i easily get 3+ hrs from it. You can beat the quality of the gopro when compared with the others. Thats was main reason for the purchase. Having said that i don't think its design is the greatest. But site wins on specs.

    There was a comparison done by a mountain bike magazine. I'll see if i can find it for you.
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  6. I run a contour +2 & absolutely love it, it's got all the bonuses of a contour roam as well as GPS & bluetooth pairing to your phone (check viewing angles & change settings on the fly)

    rcheli32 has covered the main perks of a contour, also the contour roam cams are waterproof straight out of the box & don't need a bulky waterproof case
    The only issue i have with Contour is the availability of accessories/spare parts, it's not very big in Aus & you tend to have to buy everything online/ebay

    but in the end it comes down to personal preference i think, I've never been able to notice a huge difference in video or sound quality between the helmet cams
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  7. I understand the current legal possible issues, which is why I'm waiting til I've got the bright P shaped target off the bike.

    All of these cameras seem to be rain proof without a case, and they come with a case as well anyway, so that's nice.

    I think I've got the contour knocked out. Just a bunch of little things that keep adding up as issues.

    So now I'm looking at the Sony AZ1 (Mini cam), AS200 (Slightly bigger, better camera, but doesn't come with the live view remote control unless you buy it extra) and the drift. Although what Korbail said is a worry.

    However, I'm looking into it to see if the sony lenses can be rotated. Otherwise it's going to be difficult to mount (looking for a side mount more than likely, not a top one).
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    Hey there Mr Bilbo @baggins. Have a trowel through fined for having a gopro thread as well...drifts off into discussion about various camera setups and there are some pictures of the Sony mounted as well. I'll go find the post number and put back in this thread as an edit for you (stupid ipad won't let me link any urls :devil:) at the bottom of this post :)

    Edit was in that thread about fined for having a gopro posted by malJohannmalJohann page 57 ish post #1130 and around there
  9. I mounted mine in my shoe
  10. Smart...move Max... 99 ;)
  11. no its not a phone
    the lead would have to be to long

    anyways some times I mount it around my navel
  12. And there I was thinking you had your belly button pierced...i'm getting a selfie pole for my navel piercing...;)
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  13. I cant wait till they make one small enough to go on the end of my pepe
  14. Just my 2 cents worth, if I were going to buy a helmet camera it'd probably be the Replay Prime XD.
  15. I hadn't heard of that one so had to Google it. The specs look good, except the field of view is only 140 degrees which might be more narrow than you would want for a helmet cam.
  16. Definitely an interesting new one