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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mmamster, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. All

    Am new to the forum but have come from KSRC website on recommedadtion of Nobby.

    Anyone aware of legal....radar detection gear either for bike or a car?

  2. This is from the Queensland Department of Transport but I'm pretty sure it's Australia wide:

    225 Using radar detectors and similar devices
    (1) A person must not drive a vehicle if the vehicle has in or on it—
    (a) a device for preventing the effective use of a speed measuring device; or
    (b) a device for detecting the use of a speed measuring device.
    Maximum penalty—40 penalty units.
    (2) Subsection (1) applies to a device whether or not the device is operating or in working order.

    So the answer would be nil...none...nada.
  3. Thanks. I guess that rules out plate covers. anyone know the Vic equivalent?
  4. Without checking if the laws have changed in the last 10 years......ditto.

    Even having one inside the vehicle working or not you can go a row. License plate covers are a myth i beleive
  5. Pretty sure those rules are aus wide.

    All you can do is get a gps device that has known fixed speed camera and redlight camera locations already in the software.
  6. 'not speeding' is the cheapest method :wink:
  7. Radar speed detection detection is illegal anywhere in Aus.
  8. Tip:
    When pulled over just use the force-
    "You-were-riding-correctly! I-just-wanted-to-compliment-you-on-your-choise-of-motorcycle!
    Please-proceed-on-your-way! Move-along-now!"
  9. This-isn't-the-rider-you're-looking-for.
  10. And bring me some orange sherrrberrrt...
  11. If you want radar detection and plate obfiscation gear then you obviosly want to cercumvent the law... So what is the validity of the question of is there a leagle way for me to do illeagle things.

    Your either doing it... or your not.
  12. So. Just guessing. You aint a lawyer?

  13. PMSL :LOL:

    I had the impression they weren't illegal in WA... :?
  14. Nope not allowed in bracksville but if u find one let me know :grin:
  15. the only reliable method (apparently) is a laser shifter, But u will still be detected once u get close enough to the laser gun. And u cant fool the new generation speed guns either.

    Flip plates and GPS systems with fixed speed camara location are ur only real options. But it wont stop u from gettting pulled over by a star trooper at the side of the road
  16. Good guess...
    My Point is, if you are willing to break the law in one way... Why do you care if you are breaking it in an other.
  17. By making detectors illegal they demonstrate how the cameras have nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with revenue.

    If people knew a camera was near they would slow down. This is good for road safety the supposed purpose of the cameras.

    If they don't know the camera is there they will continue to speed. However, the government gets extra revenue from tickets...

    This is why I have absolutely no respect for the use of speed cameras or laser guns and feel every person should try to circumvent or sabotage the system in any way they can.

    Sadly though, the majority of people will act like sheep as usual until we're all driving around on autopilot in cars with automatic speed limiters.
  18. well said admiral, you are 100% right. And speeding does not cause accidents it just makes the out come worse. If speeding was so bad why dont all countrys have the same limits as us They dont in europe and places.
  19. Yep. In France, they only have 3 speed limits, 50kmh in town/suburban roads, 70kmh (I think) on bigger roads, then 130kmh (!) on the motorways/highways. And 130kmh is pretty much the highway limit across most euro countries.

    And the limits are going up and up over there on the highways (IIRC one country has even gone to 140kmh on some big new roads) because they realised that if they put the limits up, 1) there'll be less accidents because drivers concentrate more at higher speeds and 2) people won't speed because they won't want to/be scared to