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Camera vandals

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by undii, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Just an article about people being pi**ed off with speed cameras. I thought this could apply to people in here :D

    Full article at here
  2. I'm amazed that some electronics whizz hasn't invented some non-contact jamming device for these despicable revenue-raising tools...... just a thought.
  3. smeared by eggs? that's abit harsh!

    54million is a really ridiculous amount for something that does not increase safety. every week i travel from sydney to newcastle and i've noticed now that they've placed 2 new cameras up!

    other day i was travelling on my local street, a long wide street at a reasonable 70km/h even though its a ridiculous 50 zone. been there 10yrs and never has there been a road incident. anyway i was driving when car on opposite side flashes me, so i slow down and sure enough there was a revenue raising coppa hiding behind some shrubs. i mean....go find some real criminals! anyway thanks to the guy who flashed me
  4. No livingstone, you've got it all wrong. Carl Sculley was on the news this morning saying that an independent study has proved that static cameras have definitely saved lives! (yeah, right....)
  5. It's about time this started happening in Australia; been happening in the UK for a few years now. I quite enjoy the sight of a flaming speed camera, especially if it flashes during it's imminent death! :twisted: :twisted: :D

    A more passive but just as annoying way to get back at the camera's is with nothing more than a can of chain lube/wax. Just go give the camera a quick squirt on it's lens with the stuff and you've pretty much eliminated the revenue for the rest of the day atleast.

    The local yokels in Collingwood have taken to putting boxes on the speed camera on the downhill slope of Johnston St (where it crosses Wellington Rd).
  6. finally a group of individuals in society to look up too :D

    is there any way i can sponsor such activities? :p
  7. Good, although is this solely due to anger at speed cameras I wonder. I mean the same thing happens to a lot of street signs too.
  8. jd: street signs are soft targets, they're everywhere and easily accessible. People aren't vandalising hard-to-get-at speed cameras just to "break shit", it's most certainly a protest.

  9. Bah......

    I'm amazed that no truckie has pulled up at the lights and thrown the chains around one of the fixed cameras and driven off with it (The Castle style) :D
  10. If I wasn't worried that it would be classified as a terrorist orginisation, I'd be starting up a vigilante group dedicated to destroying any fixed speed cameras they encounter - a group of sensible people who carry hammers and the like with them at all times. When they see a speed camera, they smash it.

    While I'm normally a nonviolent person and all that, I advocate violence against these cameras - I'm talking physical damage - they should be SMASHED, not just spraypainted/egged. The way I see it is the more damage you do the more it's going to cost to replace it and the less money they're making out of it. basically to stop this totally abhorrent practice, we'll need to make it unprofitable for them, and the best way to achieve this is complete destruction of as many cameras as possible - it reduces their revenue raising abilities, and it costs them money if they want to fix it.

    Think about it: How long would it take if we had a vigilante group like this with one member who lives near each fixed camera in melbourne. If each of these people smashed a camera every time it gets fixed, how long would it take before they stopped fixing them?

    How anybody could seriously pretend that they're there for safety is beyond me. If it's about safety, why are the car/truck/bike companies still allowed to make road-legal vehicles that go faster than 100km/h???

    ...and no, I've never been caught by one - I've never been done for speeding...

  11. Yea but you ride an across.......
  12. aah Shaddap! I was trying to have a serious rant there! ;)
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Viva La Revolution! :twisted: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Just when I though society had lost it's way, some creative, warped and hilarious genious brightens my day. :D :D

  14. I seem to remember a certain phanoongy used to ride an across, when he had all his digits intact. :shock:

  15. C'mon...there must be more creative solutions...

    1. Mount bogus cameras (or even just photoflashes) everywhere - in all the places where changes in traffic flow will cause the greatest congestion. Bogus speed limit signs might be a nice addition:

    on days
    not ending
    in a 'Y'

    2. "Adopt a speed camera" - decorate your local speed camera in rainbow hues, glue on some ears, make a nice hat. Have an art festival.

    3. Make "Batchelor Masks" that go on the camera without obscuring the lens

    4. Organise a "greasy pole" competition for your local intersection.

    Responding with violence might seem like fun, but humiliating bureaucrats and politicians is far more effective.
  16. cause they're so profitable the government won't let them go without a fight.

    let me look into my crystal ball and see the future.......

    yep, too bad guys i can see that they've got security cameras watching the speed cameras for any vandals!

    viva la revolution: crushed! and Che Guevara turns over in his grave!
  17. I'm not so sure about the greasy pole competition Mark. I signed up for one of those once, unaware of what it was all about, and I'm only just beginning to walk properly again.

    I love the batchelor faces idea, that's a beauty. I'd rank it a close second behind the "smash the farkers to confetti with a big fat hammer" idea, which is less creative but appeals to certain animalistic urges.
  18. Ah, but do they have security cameras pointing at the security cameras?

    What about putting posters up saying "SPEED CAMERA BEHIND THIS CAR" or something?

    All the drivers on Alexandra Pde seem pretty much to know where they are anyway, everyone speeds along happily til they get to the intersections, and slows to 60, then perks up again afterward.
  19. That's it! You're out of the revolution! :evil: :p

    If we can smash the speed camera, why can't we smash the security cameras? Just as long as they don't have 'security camera' security cameras. I think I'd get bored if I had smash 3 of them. Far easier to cover the number plate and have a passenger moon the camera on the way past. :LOL:
  20. You may all whinge about cameras but I myself personally don't mind them. "What -is this man mad?" I hear you say. Look at it this way. Speed cameras are "dumb". They are basically stuck in one area. You get to know the general area they're in. Whilst they are making money for the government they are leaving me alone whilst I blast all over the back country at pretty much whatever speed feels good for the day. Which is lots. What worries me is the day they introduce individual vehicle tracking. Cause I would loose my license in about 10 minutes flat -I kid you not. And be branded "never to hold a license again"
    I say enjoy it while you can. Cause its not going to get any better. Maybe one day we will be telling our kids about the good old days when you could venture out into the country & ride our bikes in the manner they were intended. Just a thought.