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Camera that checks tyre-tread depth

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ktulu, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Not in Australia yet!
    Calm down!
    But a glimpse of the future?


    I like how the first criteria for their target market is "Governments who want to make money... oh! and it's like, but with a thing about safety and stuff."

  2. Scheiße :!:
  3. I don't know how you could twist this into revenue raising..........
    I see So many cars (and bikes) with unroadworthy tyres every day it's not funy. Mind you, the ACT has pathetic vehicle ongoing inspections...
    I have no problems replacing my tyres when it is needed, sadly, many do not, or will not.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Looks to me its one of the selling points from the mob making it
  5. +1 Andrew

  6. That's why you aren't a politician, Andrew.
  7. By the Way if anyone is unsure about the major causes of accidents look at the below list

    #1 Speeding
    #1 Drink driving
    #1 Fatigue
    #1 Inexperience
    #1 Poor Weather
    #1 Unroadworthy Tires
    #1 Binge Drinking
    #1 Greenhouse Gasses
    #1 Annoying Protests against Catholics

    I mean FFS people. Its all starting to come into place, we are the nanny state
  8. I really fail to see how you allowing a vehicle to have dangerous tyres on it, and people wanting to enforce the removal of those tyres or that vehicle from teh road, constitutes a nanny state?
    fcuk, I bet you biatch when your car fails rego due to unsafe seatbelts too?

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I think its a real stretch when they suggest that having tyres with slightly too low tread depth is the major cause of accidents.

    maybe you are perfect andrew and wouldnt mind a GPS system in your car that monitors your speed constantly and intstantly fines you when you go over. Cameras on every street that fine you for jay walking..... and so on

    you might think its being a bit of a stretch, but the more little things that come in, the easier it is to justify the next step. FFS man have you seen Terminator

    look at the anti protest laws at the moment.

    ah whatever. I'm not perfect and i think a world of cameras and big brother is no way to live. I bet if the gov'ts put all this money into improving car saftety and continuing to improve roads and better driver taining it would have more effect on the road toll than some over worn tires

    /end rant
  10. +2 Andrew
    It's not speed that causes cars to run off the road into trees - but a lack of grip at that speed. Of course if that lack of grip is caused by bald tyres no doubt "speed" still gets written up as the cause of the accident.
    We've all seen the ads about how 5kph makes such a huge difference to stopping distance - so why no ads about the difference between bald cheap-arse retreads and brand-new premium quality tyres?
  11. Just like the article says, car tyres at the tread wear indicator are still fine for dry conditions. Even the tread wear indicator has a margin of safety designed in... so if you've just hit the marker you're not going to cause the extinction of an endangered species.

    I'm happy to have a law about unroadworthy car/tyres... but automatic camera's... this is the thin edge of the wedge... and only those that are happy or able to live within the ever closing politically designed acceptable human operating envelope will avoid getting pinged. :(

    The premier of Beigetoria will be onto this like a leach on a bathing fat cow.
  12. How about with obviously low pressure in the tyres.

    Not as obvious on bikes as cars...unless they are loaded and moving.

    But not enough people check their tyre pressures frequently enough.


    Trevor G
  13. I'd see this as a positive thing - particularly in Europe where the roads can get a lot colder, icier and more slippery than they do here.

    Surely as bikers we can all understand the importance of having the best rubber we can sticking us to the ground. Good tyres are an absolute imperative to me.
  14. Yes, we should run tyres with decent tread. But - would decent quality tyres still provide better safety and grip when they're just on the wear indicators than crap, cheap, nasty tyres that still have a millimetre to go?

    The difference between decent tyres and cheap tyres is huge.
  15. The only real problem with this is the issuing of a fine for unroadworthy tyres - since that only makes it more likely that people will buy the cheapest tyres possible, or just avoid that particular road in future and take their chances with getting caught again (already happens with defected vehicles).

    What would be better is if cars caught were issued instead with a warning notice - with x number of weeks to prove they've fitted roadworthy tyres. Then make the penalty for not complying with that a fine of say a couple of grand (ie well in excess of the price of even the most expensive road tyres).

    Of course that assumes the goal is reducing the number of unroadworthy cars on the road - rather than just generating revenue off them.
  16. Agreed. A system that might work instead would be to mail out stamped return postage envelope.

    Car tyres rarely go from borderline to dangerous in a very short amount of time though. The car owner should then have 12 weeks to fit new tyres, and when they've done so, mail back an additional copy of the receipt (that the tyre fitter would provide), and the car is removed from the "Notification Sent" database.

    If the car is detected with defective tyres after the 12 weeks notice period has expired, then do something about it. Am unsure about a very large fine though, as that could very well prevent the car owner from gathering the financial resources required to fix the car anyway, and then just defeats the purpose, especially if the driver needs the car for work purposes to earn the income required to fix the car.

    A blanket fine system would be really stupid.
  17. Really if someone can't scrape together enough money in 12 weeks to buy even a cheap set of new tyres then they shouldn't be allowed to drive a car since clearly they can't afford to maintain it.
    Tyres are just another essential cost - no different than paying rego or buying fuel. And given the price of normal car tyres, and the distance they last, it's not a very major cost either.
  18. +1

    i once got a letter in the mail saying my number plate was too faded/worn and i have 2 weeks to replace it or i will get a fine. i did and i think it was much better than just getting a fine as i thought the plate was still acceptable

    ...and kinda like the canary....that i just got %$^$^#$^ karma :( :( :(

    ...at least my tread depth was fine....we can all feel safe at nigth
  19. lol, Germans are rule-obsessed.
  20. jesus we will be turning into a nanny state if we get this.

    what next? a roadside camera that will tell authorities if you didn't wash your hands after using the loo?