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Camera stress!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twistngo, Jun 6, 2014.

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    Can't see this posted anywhere


    Mazda developing future models to reduce ‘the stress of the speed camera’

    THE boss of Mazda Australia has accused road safety authorities of creating a nation of “distracted drivers” by forcing them to watch their car’s speedometer — rather than the traffic ahead — because they’re scared to go “1km/h over the speed limit”.
    Figures show four out of five drivers snapped by speed cameras are fined for exceeding the limit by less than 10km/h.

    “I have to say, having spent six years away, I am amazed how bad the driving standards are in Australia, in terms of focus on not going 1km/h over the speed limit, it’s shocking,” said Mazda Australia boss Martin Benders, who was posted in Germany and Japan before returning to take up his current role a year ago.

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  2. He will be hounded from all sides & be forced to state he agrees with all speed polices of the Government
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  3. His bang on. Half the time I go through intersections I'm fighting the urge to check my speedo to make sure the red light/speed camera's aren't getting me as I know through an intersection is the last place I need to be taking my eyes off the road.

    But the governments buggered (along with us). They've used this revenue raising so long now it's life support for the state, if they were to change their policy the state would probably flat line financially. We're too reliant on the income now. Even if they wanted to change - I wonder if they could. Probably one of the reasons why they're lowering the tolerance and keep confusing speed zone changes. As people 'behave' more they've got to find a way to keep the revenue coming in.

    Well - I'm sure if someone who knew what they were doing was to run the state it would be a different story, but I've got to be realistic and remember we're only dealing with politicians who can't even see that honesty would win them some votes at the next election over constant denials and lies.
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  4. I'm more concerned about self-parking, lane detecting, laser responsive cruise control, active braking, SEMI AUTONOMOUS, cars driven by disconnect, disengaged moronic drivers........

    Let 'em get pinned by speed cameras....I'm not retarded enough to speed in the 'burbs......

    Just 'sayin
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  5. Poor guy. Somebody should have told him before accepted the job...
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  6. @ajrider@ajrider, I know what you mean. I've noticed a definite trend of drivers slowing from 1 to 2 k's under to 10 to 12 k's under where there are known fixed speed cameras, "just in case". Hell, because of hearing stories of people supposedly driving under the speed limit being nabbed by dud cameras, I even slow down from the 0 to 2 under, but not to that extreme - more like to 4 to 5 under. The fcuking things are a pain in the frikken arse!
  7. What do you call it when the people no longer trust the state? My Russian friends tell me they had less stress living under Lenin than driving on Victorian Roads.
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  8. One of the precursors to revolution?