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Camera shows working 4-stroke internal combustion engine

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by lefty, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Now THAT is a cool vid.......awesome idea
  2. Very cool video!!! :grin:

    What is the triangular shaped recess past the cylinder - looks like its just near the spark plug?

    Thanks for posting this!
  3. as they all say.......very cool video.

    fascinating to watch the working parts harmonising together!!
  4. I always thought those things went up and down faster than that!

  5. The most interesting thing about this is WHERE the fuel mist is at the beginning and end of the flow and the directions it goes. If the white is the actual fuel charge it means that the valve and the inlet shape may need modification DURING the beginning and end as it appears that the charge is hugging the valve stem area and taking the longest and most restrictive route it can.
    This is one for some real thought to optimize the flow.
  6. Also dispels the (grammatical) myth that the fuel explodes; it doesn't it BURNS!
  7. Its probably a design method to decrease compression to a desirable level, without having to modify the bore size or distance between the piston and the head.

    Ideally you would want the valve to disappear altogether. Youre right, it restricts the flow and therefore volume of air/fuel mixture entering the cylinder during the induction stroke. Make the valve disappear and you get more mixture into the cylinder = more power :). The valve itself probably assists in further atomizing the mixture which would help in combustion though. Maybe design a valve that retracts into the cylinder head perpendicular to its normal travel axis!
  8. freakin awesome.... good find
  9. Very interesting I must say =D...seeing it in action is much better then reading it haha.

    phong =P~
  10. Loved it! "...the camera recorded just exactly what happens to make engines run. Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow!" Cough! That video's gonna keep me up late tonight... :grin:
  11. lol i hope im not missing any sarcasm, but to those who posted saying the valves are moving slow n the fuel is burning not exploding, i think your wrong.

    the camera is shooting at 1000fps, so clearly its been slowed down ALOT to show the events inside clearly. otherwise whats the point of 1000fps? and the engine runs at 1000's of rpm, so thats happening 1000's of times a min too.

    why do i think ive missed the sarcasm from you two? :oops:
  12. For those unfamiliar with engine mechanics (sorry if my explain is sloppy to those with much more technical knowledge than me) what you see first is the inlet valve on the right side, opening and a misty mixture of petrol and air entering (sucked in) as the piston goes down. Then as the piston rises and compresses the petrol, notice the end of the spark plug up the top – it sparks, and the whole mixture combusts, pushing the piston down again, then it rises as the exhaust valve on the left opens, releasing the combusted mixture into the exhaust. The inlet valve mentioned first, receives petrol from the carburettor, where fuel is mixed with air into a kind of mist. Prior to that, the fuel has come from the fuel tank. On this animated illustration (from my bike, the SR500) http://www.yamaha-motor.jp/mc/lineup/sportsbike/sr400/cafe/engine/index.html (click on “engine startâ€) you see all this, as well as that the piston is connected to a shaft, which turns on a bearing. From there things connect with the gear box, but to simplify, you’ve now got something big turning, and you can hook up to it a sprocket and chain that makes the back tyre turn.

  13. Dunno, mate -- what gave us away??


  14. lol BIWOZ, shhh :p

    i was tiiired!