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Camera on Reefton Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by paul_b, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Anyone else notice the car and camera setup on reefton spur over the weekend? Had a big camera of some description inside and a video camera on a tripod outside.
    Survey of some description?

  2. ARRB is doing a survey on behalf of Vicroads and MUARC on motorcycle blackspots.

    You can not be done for speeding/whatever by the ARRB vehicle, they are only gathering data on the road usage.
  3. They gonna post any pikkies of the knee down shots so we can critique them? :p
  4. Ha Ha, don't think I would like to have my knee down where it was.
  5. Do they give you time to check your hair and make-up?
  6. Saw them up last week surveying corners, at 5:30 with the sun quickly receding,

    Good on em for doing something.
  7. *slight hijack*

    i saw these guys (ARR8) bout 3 days ago i think, on Burwood Hwy just near Jeffery Honda. i belive they were purposely running red lights hahaha. they had a few cameras/surverying equipment set up, and roadworks signs/cones out. either 1 or two of the cars had the number plate "SAMPLE", so im guessing they were testing the RLC's.

    what else do the ARRB do?
  8. http://www.arrb.com.au/ :wink:

    _joel_ has probably seen/heard about them - they're in his field too (road surface testing etc)