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NSW Camera numbers to surge

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gsxrjames, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. Good luck with your move to NSW....and with all those cameras too, mate.
  2. That sucks...
  3. Pretty hard to miss these big buggers:
  4. cheers.

    This was one thing I was hoping not to worry about.
    At least they'll be sign posted, unlike the covert 'we'd rather you were fined then slow down' mentality down here.
  5. is there a reason for the sudden road-related push this week? police have been all up in my commute for the past few days, and they're cracking down on motorcycle parking in the city too. now speed cameras. i feel like i missed something.
  6. At least we still have our signs, and they will be made larger which is good. its such a con that they were able to get away with only erecting one small sign before a safety camera as apparently safety cameras are different to speed cameras...even though they both issue fines for speeding...
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    You've got to be blind to miss them in NSW. I guess that's kind of the point. And if they have more of these they will have less cops on the road that stand a chance of catching me.

  8. NSW government: Speed cameras might be more about revenue than safety. We're going to have an audit.

    Auditor-General: Speed cameras are not revenue raisers, but not all are helping road safety.

    NSW gov: We're going to shut down a bunch of speed cameras that are no longer "effective". By "effective" we mean they no longer bring in the dollers.

    1 year later.

    NSW gov: Hey guys, we're going to roll out a whole bunch of new, much more "effective" cameras. Just remember, we audited this shit and it's not about revenue.
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  9. As soon as O'Farrell got elected they reinstated margin for error on cameras. stoner-brings-back-room-for-error-on-speeding. So now they add more cameras to make up the lost revenue. this doesn't collect more money so much as shifts the revenue base towards idiot tax and away from robbing innocent motorists.
  10. Aren't they also going from 6 mobile cameras to 50? I've come across about 10 mobile cameras since they were introduced which is scarey when there's only 6 in the state... It'll become a daily thing now.

    But they also are an idiot tax. With a cop with a lidar he can pick you off from hundreds of meters back and he could've heard you coming. These cameras you spot them at the last minute and nail the brakes and your ok. I've had 3 close calls with them.
  11. I may have miss read the article but they do not mention increasing the 'safety camera' sign's size. They mention increasing the speed camera sign (possibly regarding the mobile cameras).

    The safety camera ones are easy to miss if you're not familiar with the area because they are a tiny sign surrounded but 20 other signs to camouflage it.

    So hopefully they mean they are increasing them as well.
  12. So, they are slowly reactivating cameras they shut down? They don't raise revenue anymore? And what the hell does this mean: The minister has already turned one of those cameras back on, at Urunga on the Pacific Highway, and at Epping Gymea and Clunes.?
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    A truck ran into a house at urunga a few months after they shut the camera down. Everyone freaked out. So they turned it back on. Dunno about the other 3.

  14. Wait, they were off? Damn, I still slowed down for them - didn't know that...

    Then of course back to 70-80 right after the camera...

    I feel like I've been ripped off :( They kept all the signs up
  15. Clunes went back on but:
    That's old info - August 2011. It might have changed now.
    I think I heard something about 2 warning notices and then a fine for a camera somewhere.

    Update: The Clunes camera has now become a "3 strikes and you are out" camera. So, you get 2 warnings and then a fine. Not sure if 3 strikes includes other cameras that have that condition.
  16. dont worry... tis the governmnet

    contract will go to the lowest (therefore dodgy) bidder,
    it will be delayed mulitiple times, and blow out budget.
    when it finally is finished only half the system will run as intended, half the time. and due to the public unrest at this, they will shut all the cameras down, cancel the fines as a "sorry gesture"
    have an enquiry on it. then re-program the whole system so it actually works
    id say you have another 2 years or so... beurocracy at its finest:p
  17. More on what could be happening with those other cameras.
  18. Eastern arterial at Gordon had a truck run off the road so they moved the merge point further up the hill (a D10 and some hot mix and they could have put the merge on the uphill section instead of the downhill) and have heavy patrolling presence there. Camera back on soon according to the article. Perhaps they could just make it 2T or less (get rid of the trucks and a fair proportion of the 4WDs).