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Camera mount test

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by vtr_rida, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. #1 vtr_rida, Apr 25, 2007
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    Here's a short video of a cruise around Victor harbor. Watch for the bluff run and old people failing to give way!

    edit: video has new location; [media=youtube]5XaxDo4dh2k[/media]

    Hit 100 views in old spot haha cheers guys..

  2. SA drivers rock. No. Really. Their attention to what's going on around them is second to none. Really.

    Some nice roads up there :D
  3. Nice setup! :)
  4. Yeh, SA drivers really watch out for us riders hey :LOL:
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of the setup of the cam and the specs of cam used. :cool:

    Nice vid :wink:
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of the setup of the cam and the specs of cam used. :cool:
  7. IMG_1675copy.

    If you enlarge it you'll see the video camera on the side. Mounted using a case found lying around, a piece of dense foam (mattress?), and zip ties.. Can't see the speedo which is a good thing too :wink:

    As you can see from the pics it's actually a videocam, not a digicam with movie mode. Many people use Kodak V570's etc coz they're easier to mount but all i had was this JVC so made do. Is capable of full DVD qual under normal conditions but on the bike is good up to about DV qual (720x570?). The youtube version is mpeg 1 (352x288, 25fps) coz they kill the quality anyway when they re-encode it.

    In America they sell a product called the Ultraclamp (can't remember the company), which clamps onto basically anything and attaches to the camera. There's a youtube vid demonstrating it's versatility if you search but yeh might look into that with my next bike..

    The other option is a helmet cam but they're fairly pricey, especially if you don't already have a recorder with input.
  8. Mmm I was thinking about getting one of those pen cam things. Dunno see how I go, that seems to work okay.
  9. Advantage of those is wid a bit of double-sided tape you can put it just about anywhere.. plus they don't stick out as much
  10. nice setup mate !

    I'm doing the same setup thing on my Monster.
    Hanging off the side, but i've cannibalised an old tripod putting a hemispherical mount on so it can swivel to face me, my feet for gear change sequences and backwards.
  11. Thank you for your trouble thats excellent :shock:
  12. Very nice video.. and to think this was the 'test' :p

    Cant wait to get back out there on a bike and record some stuff of my
    own, keep up the good work... look forward to seeing some more vids!
  13. Hey mate,

    That looks great! You're going to have to bring the camera set-up along on Sunday, it will look great with a whole bunch of bikes buzzing along in front of you! Good thing that Falcon finally stopped for you, or we could have been seeing a 'My first crash' video!


  14. *drool* monster.. :grin:

    that sounds like it'd work well, hopefully you'll put some vids up once finished!
  15. :LOL: yeh. I was actually heaps chilled about it coz it happens so much i just slow down whenever i get to a T intersection! Used to give the finger etc etc but all i was thinkin bout was how i could use it in the vid. And yeh also would be good to catch the first crash on vid, hopefully not for a while yet! and hopefully the cam survives..
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  17. Yew! Lets hear it for cheap arse backyard solutions :LOL: