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camera gimbals - who / what / how much?

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by chilliman64, Sep 29, 2016.

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    I want to start using my gopro hero more regularly when I ride. I love the way a gimbal smooths out the lean angles and want to look into getting one but I know next to nothing about them other than they seem to be pretty expensive.

    my plan is to have it set up so I can handlebar or fairing mount it, maybe on the tank. it will have to work on both bikes so mounting needs will change depending on what I'm riding. I don't want a helmet mount and a chest mount would not be my preference as I've tried that and not really a fan.

    I've done some looking around on the 'bay and have seen single axis gimbals made by Wenpod (X1) which are a bit pricey but they also seem to be some of the cheaper ones, reviews on youtube are a bit mixed. maybe it I should wait until the price comes down a bit as they sell more and more manufacturers enter the market.

    anyone using a gimbal? are there any affordable ones out there that do a good job? maybe I would have to spend too much to get a decent one, I don't know. what I do know is that professional gimbal footage on race bikes is absolutely spectacular so it would be cool to get some weekend road footage that has a similar feel to it.

    any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Hey mate, I was looking into gimbals for my drift cameras.

    I came to the conclusion that the cheap ones don't work well and the expensive ones work but are, massively expensive. Plus they don't seem to make a universal one for my type of camera.

    I'd love to get one though, was thinking of buying a go-pro and gimbal for that very purpose. I'll look into it when I get back from the trip and can pass on the info if you don't do anything by then.
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  3. that sounds really good. your conclusion seems to be the same I have drawn from my minor investigations.

    I don't want to make any major productions or anything, just some footage of my rides is all. I certainly couldn't do what you do.
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  4. I'm no spielberg, but if people have cameras on group rides and are happy to share I'll put clips into mine like I did with Andrew WestAndrew West's.
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  5. mate I reckon you are the NR Spielberg! (y)
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  6. The Zhi-yun is one Mr Aus uses and it is only a couple hundred bucks. Can be attached to selfie sticks and things too.
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  7. thanks dude I will look into those.

    here is a YT vlog/review from Yammie Noob which I just spotted - doesn't look wearable and doesn't look like you can fit the case
  8. Go to bed, chilliman!!!
  9. yes good advice sir!
  10. Here is bigkev's video with it chest mounted:

    Here is MrAus's vid
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  11. VERY interested in how you go... looking to get a couple of cameras and a central recording unit. Ideally something that links to a GPS tracker also. Gimbal will be required.
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  12. You're hopeless mark haha. Let us know how it goes...
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    I've wanted one for a while and this one seems ok. some of the reviews show a bit of vibration but I think that will come down to the mount. I tested a few on the weekend and found the Jaws Clamp to be rock solid with zero vibration when affixed in between the handlebar risers. on the tank with the suction mount there was distortion, creaking and wind noise (none of them attributable to me). the Jaws Clamp has rubber contact points and is very easily removable and attachable.

    you can read a bit more about it here => Where did you ride to today?

    yes mate indeed. once I get an idea in my head it's hard to shake it.

    I got one from an Aussie supplier on ebay. I could have purchased a cheaper one from Korea or China but I was worried about warranty issues so thought it better to buy local.

    I will get some use out of this provided it does what it's supposed to.