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VIC camera fine leniency?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Viscera99, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. So September's looking like being an expensive month.

    7 years of holding a Victorian license and it has been clean until this month.

    checking the letter box yesterday and I was greeted with 2 camera fines. I also know there is another on the way from last weekend too. Not bitching 'cos they are all a fair cop. All are in the single demerit point range.

    Had I been pulled over by an officer I would expect (possibly incorrectly) that my driving history would be taken into account and so long as I didn't behave like a total tard, at least the first time I would have been given a warning and sent on my way.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has managed to have their first camera fine overturned solely on the strength of a good previous history.

    I've had a read of the 'internal review' policy on the vicpol site and it's all worded very positively and gives me hope, but I'm after some first hand experience from anyone who has successfuly had one or more infringements removed through this process

    Option 2 is just to suck it up but if there is a chance to reduce the overall expenditure, I'm always keen to not throw money away.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Not had any personal experience, but from reading up what other people have had happen, I'd say you're screwed. If it were just one infringement, you may have had a reasonable chance. But not with 3 in a matter of weeks. Could be wrong though. Wouldn't hold my breath but
  3. should be able to get off the first one with a warning. worth a try anyway
  4. If you only copped one and it was less than 10 over then you could have written to here to apply for a warning instead of a fine.
    the provisions are it has to be less than 10 over, you have a clean record of at least 2 years, and admit you were speeding.
    Having copped two then I don't fancy your chances
  5. I have had a fine waived by the Internal Review process. However, my infringement was for less than 10ks over and my record was clean for ten years.....

    Still, it won't hurt to ask the question. They can only say no.
  6. If that fails you could ask for a group discount.
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  7. Thanks all. I'll try it on and see how it goes.
  8. I believe (and better check with more knowlegable person than me) That they are all technically a single offence, as you had not recieved the first one in the mail by the time you alegedly copped the others, therefore you may be able to have all but the first waived... Might be worth getting some professional advise? Someone else might want to clarify?
  9. yeah, there is a sort of hint in that direction on vicpol site - Smee has posted the details above - but looking at the exclusions I think that this relates to point-to-point camers only. ie. mobile cameras and fixed cameras at intersections are excluded.
  10. Your a habitual offender, grow up.
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  11. You're not from Victoria are you?
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  12. That new bike of yours will get you into all sorts of trouble!
  13. As has been posted, read this;


    If you meet the criteria they can withdraw the fine and supply a warning. You can do it if you haven't had a fine in two years, it's a 1dp offence, and you don't deny doing it. That'll get you off one, not the others.
  14. If, in the opinion of the reviewing officer, the infringement(s) still stands and you're back to either pay up or take it to court, keep in mind that with the criteria stated above, you may have as good as admitted to the offence.

    I find it interesting that it's worded "Do not deny that you committed the offence."

    If you appeal, you might be able to not deny, but at the same time not actually admit to it either. But it may be, or be taken to be, that making the appeal counts as admission of guilt. It does look a bit like one installment of those sneaky little series of traps. That's one facet where some pro legal advice for your state could be pretty helpful.
  15. I wouldn't bother fighting it in court. Fact is I'm guilty and have no evidence to the contrary.

    I spent too many days not paying proper attention and this is the result. I'm just looking to take advantage of my previous record to save some cash - just like I would have if I'd been pulled over.

    Thanks for all your input folks
  16. No lots of people aren't, surprising huh? I'm sure the OP is smart enough to know my comment was tongue in cheek.

  17. Nah mate - I'm thick as pig-sh!t. that's why I'm in this situation.
    Emotes are your friend :cool: