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Camera comparison

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Nytefal, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    Stumbled onto this video when researching my camera choices.

    Its a comparison between the 4 popular action cameras:

    I was leaning towards the Contour+2 but after seeing the night footage....back to the research!

    Anyways - hope this helps anyone else still in the "which one" stage.
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  2. Dont want to burst your bubble but most cams arent that good for night footage, especially with cmos sensors, in illuminated environments they are ok but dark areas simply wont work, Contours are good from what I have seen, personally went the gopro which works great during the day but night is average to say the least
  3. Everyone seems to go with the gopro but its too boxy for my tastes.

    I drove past a rider yesterday with one on the top of his helmet...yeah...not something i'd do myself.

    I'll keep doing my research :D
  4. A friend of mine who is a photographer and goes to all the race meets around aus is seeming to believe the next big thing will be a camera called replayxd . They replaced the go pros in the v8 super cars and are shaped like the contours. I personally dont know much about them but he seems to know his shit. Plus cheaper than the go pro black edition. Worth checking out
  5. I've long used the GoPro Hero2 & biggest downfall was recording in low light. Hero 3 has "improved low light recording over Hero2" but if that is your make or break criteria then non of the current "action cameras" will be good enough IMO.

  6. I recently got a ReplayXD and it's a ripper as far as video quality goes, but I'm having some major issues with wind noise. Now, granted I only got the 720 which is lower video quality than the 1080 but also has less options for noise control. The 1080 comes with two different "sound caps" - one of which is intended for high wind noise environments, whereas the 720 doesn't. I'm still experimenting though and starting to get somewhere.
  7. Has anybody used or seen a review of the ION Air Sports Pro camera? cheers
  8. Heres my short video of the Bullet HD 2:

    Pasted from video description:

    A quick test of my new Bullet HD 2 camera, onboard my Honda VTR1000F.

    Overall picture quality seems quite reasonable when viewed on my desktop - capture rate is claimed at a full 30fps at a standard resolution of 1280 x 720. The fixed lens is a fisheye style arrangement and seems a good compromise in terms of field of view vs. distortion.

    Windnoise is a bit more than I would like but apparently can be reduced with the waterproof mount which encloses the rear of the unit that contains the microphone.

    Mounting was fairly straightforward but needed a little bit of thinking to work the provided 'camcorder' mount - it needs adjusting via a captive tube and a locknut system. It is very secure once locked but an easier and more precise method could have been employed. Having said that it took only one testrun beforehand and one adjustment to get the orientation I wanted, which is very good.

    Using the camera is easy, especially when wearing full bike gear (helmet, gloves etc). There is only one button and it gives vibrative feedback. You hold to turn the camera on, 1 long buzz. One press to record, 1 short buzz. One press to stop recording, two short buzzes. Hold again to turn off, two long buzzes.

    Very easy, very intuitive and no doubt about what mode its in even when wearing a helmet and gloves and unable to see the device - you can hear the buzzing quite well through a helmet and feel it easily in your hands.
    Functions include video capture, static capture (a 12MP image every 3 seconds) and webcam - drivers for webcam mode can be downloaded from the company site. Recording time in video mode is quoted as 125min on a fully charged battery.

    The good bits are the supplied extras*, ease of use and price - easily available for under $90AUD posted.

    The not-so-good bits are windnoise over about 30kmh/20mph and poor tolerance of low lighting conditions (eg inside with blinds down).

    If you're looking for a GoPro-style action camera on a budget then this one could definitely be for you. Overall I'd give this camera a high rating, four out of five stars.
    * Supplied extras include a standard/camcorder mount, rollbar/overhead mount, pad/handlebar mount, 6x adhesive stickers, 2x hook-loop straps, waterproof cap with O-rings & silicon grease, 2x batteries (3.7v 850mAh LiPo), USB cable and safety strap. Phew!

  9. Recently bought an Ion Air Pro 2 wifi and took it for a test run on the weekend. Picture is really good but what surprised me was the sound. I had it mounted on the rear peg facing back and on the Er6nl the exhaust was shooting straight at it so I was expecting distortion and a heap of wind noise as its also a pretty fast bit of road I was riding. Got to say Im very pleased with the sound. At $280 delivered I think its a bargain compared to the GoPros and Contours.
  10. Your video won't play, says it's private.
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  11. Bugger, Im new to this video caper. Try this one hopefully it works.
  12. That's working. Not a fan of the backwards camera angle but the picture seems clean and detailed.
  13. I dont mind it personally, bit of a different perspective and would be cool if I had a mate following. But the main reason its there is because the camera didnt come with a handlebar mount.
  14. Personally Contour's colour rendition is much nicer than the GoPro, it's bit more saturated and gives it a more cinematic look straight out of the camera without any editing. Plus GPS plotting and easier on/off and line up.