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Camera buffs . . . . capture tonights celestial dance !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. That's disgusting, Micky

  2. How cool is that, hope the skies aren't too cloudy. Doesn't look too good out there at the mo.

    I don't get yours, 2 loos...I guess I'll just stare at it for a while longer till something clicks :idea:
  3. Ktulu's just wishing he was in primary school again . . .
    drawing naughty pics
    Jkg :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I wonder where would be a good place to watch this...

  5. yeah, lucky its no where near uranus !
  6. Yep, now I get it...just never seen a crescent-shaped one before so had me guessing :p
  7. Will post my efforts later, need a better camera....
  8. Just stuck my head out the door to have a look ..... clear as a bell.

    Wish I had a camera. :(
  9. need tripod and better camera :)


  10. Scattered overcast here. :/

    We were driving home after waiting 45 minutes under an overcast sky with tripod and fillflash set up (for some foreground posing)... Halfway back down Mt. Keira the smiley peeked out and I snapped off a quick, shakey handheld exposure.

    Will upload later. Watching Top Gear now ;)
  11. outside our place

  12. Shot without benefit of tripod:


  13. What's that other moony looking thing to the right of the real moon? is that like a reflection or something? or were you on another planet, where there are multiple moons....
  14. Very cool, had resigned myself to the fact that due to cloud cover would not see it but at about 9:00pm it was there as clear as day.

    My 9YO son was in bed and I told him that the universe was smiling at him, he got out of bed and loved it!
  15. That'd be an internal reflection of the moon, bouncing around inside of the lens itself.
  16. Here's my effort with just a compact camera and tripod. :)

  17. [​IMG]

    no tripod but was resting on balcony

    4" f/22 iso 1600 @ 210mm