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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by gunnin' it, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. who uses 'em and are they worth it for bike riders?

  2. I use one on my mountain bike extensively. It's great.

    Haven't tried it on the motorbike yet, but after yesterday I might give it a go in hot weather.
  3. One thing I like about riding the bike on longer trips is the opportunity to stop and relax along the way. I wouldn't use one. My daily commute is around 30-40 minutes each way so no need on a daily basis either.
  4. I plan on buying one and my typical commute to work is 40 mins...also invaulable for a decent fun ride over summer
  5. I use one for when riding dirtbikes.. the best invention :)

    also a good quality camel back/blader should last a long time.. numerous times from crashing while in the bush, whether it is flipping the bike going up steep hills or getting the front wheel stuck in a rutt.. when i land on my back, the camelback bladder has never bursted or leaked.
  6. Could maybe protect you when you're sliding down the street on your back in your T-shirt paul? :p
  7. I have used the Camelbak brand for years now and they have not let me down. Come off plenty of times on the mtb and never broken one.
    One of the best buys I have made.
    Great on longer trips on hot days between fuel stops.
  8. Wish i had one riding from adelaide to mildura 29th and still wish i had one riding from mildura to melbourne yesterday :shock: If your thinking of getting one check the pushi shops probably cheaper than motor bike shops :grin:
  9. I use one when I work the F1 Grand Prix. Hides well under my tabbard and I've got 1.5 litres of Mizone in it.
    I refill it around lunch time and i'm set for the rest of the shift.

    Now if only I could find shoes that will keep my feet comfy all day.

    I clock up over 120km walking up and down pit lane each year :)
  10. Drinking water isn't about not stopping, it's about keeping hydrated.
    Stopping and having a big drink every 30 minutes won't keep you as hydrated as drinking a lot of little sips, because you will start dehydrating between stops.
    Having done lots of riding with and lots without a drinking system I can vouch for feeling a lot fresher and more alert when I'm riding and I have a sip of water every 5 or 10 minutes, regardless of whether it's hot or cold, but definitely when it's hot.
  11. nah, dont wanna risk the chance of wrecking a perfectly good camel back ;)

    On a serious note, i have never tried using it on the roadbike, specially on some of the long weekend rides that i do. might have to try it one weekend.
  12. Well sais Nev, I never realised until I started wearing one how much different I felt at the end of the ride.

    Just a few reasons why:
    No dehydration
    Less fatigue
    No cramps caused by lack of hydration
    An alert rider is a rider who should reach their destination alive.
  13. do people reckon that a 2l model is good enough for most applications?
  14. i'm probably going to get the 1.5 litre one as its a bit smaller and will fit my back better I think...if it runs out I'll just pull into a gas station and top it up with gatorade.
  15. I would say yes, most riders rarely ride more than 200-250k tops without stops. So thats 1 litre per hour give or take.

    I emptied my 3litre over a period of 28hrs in mid October, but the about 12hrs of that was night. For those interested I covered 2590k.
  16. 2lt is fine. If the 1.5l feels better, opt for that.

    As someone else said, you can always top it up with vodka.......errrr, soft drink at any shop.
  17. I use a 3.0 litre bladder over the course of a day.
    I have had a black tactical mule for about five years. Very happy with it.
  18. You're unlikely to drink more than 1.5 litres between refuels, and if you do, you're going to be pretty busy stopping to piss. And on that note, if you just sip a bit every now and then, say every 10 minutes, you're only going to be drinking enough to replace what you've lost, so you're not going to have to stop every time you see a tree.

    I have a 1.5 litre but mine is one of the bumbag style. I don't wear it, I okkystrap it to the tank cover. I can keep my wallet and phone and whatever in the pockets of it there, so I don't have to have them in my pockets while I'm riding, or fish around in my luggage every time I stop for fuel.

    And not speaking from experience, but speaking from other people's experience, never put anything except fresh water in the bladders.
  19. I recall the brothers at Platatak suggesting that H2O was the go. Gatorade can fungate; lengthening the cleaning process.