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camel backs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OldBellHelmet, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. anyone know anywhere in sydney (prefer the north) that sells camelbacks worth buying on the cheap or just not a ripoff. want to get one prior to the entrance ride on sunday.

  2. northside cyclery or whatever its called these days should have a few i rekon.

    ^^ oh yeah, check out the 'camping/outdoor' district in the city near the QVB. Paddy Palin, Kathmandu, Mountain Designs, etc. there's about 8 different stores all right near each other.
  3. not sure if there is but ill have a look. can get one for $60 or so from a local bloke..
  4. funny... never thought of those guys.. i will drop in on the way home. thanks. looks like them, kathmandu or snowgum
  5. so. upon leaving work the ex-girlfriend says Rays at Castle hill has their own brand for $22.. a large amount of traffic chopping later im there. sorry mate that was the sale last week.. but i still got a decent one for $45 so happy days.
  6. we get a lot of stuff from Ray's for work and they go alright. (safety gear, camp chairs for field work, etc. )
  7. I left my Camelback at a motel in Warrnambool last week.

    The water got hot.
    It made the water taste like rubber.
    The plastic tap broke.

    It was easier and more effective to buy a bottle of water, out of the fridge, at each fuel stop and slip it into my luggage.
  8. People who use them all the time tell me that is the difference between a camelbak and a generic brand - the taste.

    Camelbak are also insulated, and with a wide mouth so you can add ice etc to keep them cool.

    Sure that there will be other brands as well that do it all, but I still see people buying that brand in preference.
    Perhaps other users would like to comment?
  9. thats one of my first concerns, the tastes if you leave it in for long and the water tends to collect the taste of the rubber inside the camel pak
  10. FWIW:
    I tend to freeze a third of a bladder full of water and don't seem to have any adverse rubber taste.
  11. well it went well on the weekend. water will take on the taste of any plastic container if left. this jobby has a large mouth for easy fills (and ice if you feel) and is insulated. i froze it and after leaving home at 700 was still half frozen at 100.
  12. hrmm.. youve got me thinking of getting one now.
  13. Part of the popularity, apparent or otherwise, of Camelbak(tm) is that Camelbak(tm) is the Kleenex(tm) tissue of water-bladder hydration-solution backpack drinking systems. I know which I'd prefer to say in a casual discussion! :)

    I've got an older Deuter 2 litre pack from about 2003; It is insulated, easy to clean, has a wide mouth (the width of the water bladder) and is well made. About the only thing it's missing is a tap valve in addition to the bite valve - it tends to drip a little at times as a result, but that's no biggie.

    I've not had a problem with the water tasting of the plastic/rubber material unless I haven't rinsed it out since last use. Yeuck.

    The water does heat up sometimes - usually it's only the water in the hose which gets warm and once that's been purged, it's nice and cool. I don't think a water bottle would be any better, and it's not like you can shove a bendy straw into a waterbottle and drink from it at 100kph... can you? :shock: