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came this morning to find bike pushed over.........grrrr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydneybiker, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. I came out this morning to ride to work to find out my and four other bikes had been pushed over in the middle of night....

    we all park on the street and some a**hole must have thought it was funny to push over several bikes.....

    what is really strange is that in sydney we have had 2 days non stop of heavy rain....

    but what would possess someone to do this ? I now have a broken front left indicator, damaged tail and front fairing sections to fix......

    I think if I found the guy at the time it would have been a summary execution or at least would have been tempted to drag him behind the bike for awhile......

    has this happened to anyone else?
  2. That's just a sad :( I hate to hear how innocent bikes minding their own business get damaged..I've never trusted parking my bike on the street overnight, too many stupid people around as far as I am concerned..

    Hope you get her fixed soon!
  3. Sorry to hear about that Sydneybiker,
    if I came out to that scene, I certainly would be mighty pissed off, I dont blame you for wanting to dish out a bit of summary execution! :evil:
  4. That sux man :x - no court would convict you ........
  5. One of the reasons I installed my alarm, so I can at least take any damage out of thier hide. :twisted:
  6. You could always buy an Across.

    No-one would WANT to touch it.

    I think I'd better put some smileys in.... :D :D :D :shock:
  7. Jeez nil_orally, I got it the first time. no need to rub it in :shock:

    anyways, yer just jealous :p


    I've got an Across and PROUD of it!! :moped:
  8. Please explain to me why the arsehole tried to steal my Across by gouging out the ignition with a screw driver or something similar. Wasn't worth the insurance claim so I was stuck having to purchase and install a new ignition :evil: :evil: :roll:
  9. Saying this sux comes nowhere near how much this pisses me off. What sort of turd gets their kicks out of damaging someone elses stuff? It's a shame you didn't catch the mongrel in the act.
  10. Hard to explain if it wasn't a council collection day.

    Time for more smileys I think. :LOL: :LOL:

  11. OOOOOOO! Your lucky those smileys are protecting you !!!

    :D :LOL:
  12. I know how you feel sydneybiker, I came out from work last week to find someone had knocked my bike over.

    Broken mirror, brake lever, bent clip on and scuffed up fairing.

    Worst part was, only people from work have access to the parking area so the pricks did it and didn't even bother telling me, just left it laying on the ground till someone came in and told me about it.

    I scoured every car in the lot looking for some red paint on a bumper and luckily for them and me I didn't find the bastards.

    Karma will get em in the end mate.
  13. Deb my only take on this situation would be.........He/She was pissed and thought it was a Ducati or a Kawasaki, half way through the process he/she realized it was a handbag and left the scene :p :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)
  14. Man would I be pissed. I own a CB250, some think it's gutless, others boring, me it's my pride and joy. If I caught someone pushing over my bike I'd smash their teeth so far down their throat they'd have to stick a toothbrush up their a*se to clean them.

    Sorry that's my aggression released for the day. I'll go and meditate now....
  15. I can just imagine the thug going back to the gang, wiv no teeth and black eyes.. Trying to explain how he got the snot beaten out of him by a cb250 owner!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    "but it woz a reeel big 250 guys!! honest"

    That would be sooooo humiliating :wink:

  16. Hey Dazza and nil_orally,

    You guys are pretty game taking Deb on, all I can suggest is starting heading for the hills whilst you can !!! :D :LOL: :D :LOL: :D
  17. Bike might not be big but I'm a reasonable size and so is the iron bar carried in the backpack... :LOL:
  18. Easily THE funniest post I have ever seen here :D