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came off the bike this morning.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Adrian Lewer, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. hi all thought i would post my balls up from this morning. on my way home from work at 4:20am wind howling realy badly, traveling along at 80 clicks and the bike kept trying to come out from underneath me.(is this normal in the wind ?)
    anyway got scared and slowed down as the feeling of tyres slipping was making me feel uneasy.
    made a left and turn into a street approached a roundabout (intending to go straight) and was doing around 40KMS knocked it don 1 cogg, leaned into the roundabout to the left rebalanced bike to centre and leaned to the right and as i was doing this the wind hit the bike from the RHS and made me drift to the left a conciderable amount, unfortunadely i taped the rear brake to try and stop buy it caused the rear to come out to the left, i knew i was in trouble and just released the brake uprighted it and the gutter was next.

    only tapped the gutter but enough to go over the LH bar face first. remember the whole thing, hitting the ground visor first, rolling a couple of times comming to rest on my back,lying there for a few seconds wondering WTF and upset at the fact my 1980 click bike now has a big chunk of terra firma on it. i lyied there for a few seconds thinking will anyone come ? i was so sore and i was in shock, shaking, but no one...

    so i stumbled over to the bike picked it up, mirroe and indicatord hanging off (had a little smile on my face like "far out this is what it feels like")

    hit the kill switch to reset the tip over switch, hit the start button and she fired, i hoped on and re selected 1st gear rode the clutch out to see if all was right and continued in 1st gear 800 odd metres to my house, (bike felt fine, steered straight, no vibes ect,

    got inside and walked in to the missus "hey honey listen before you yell at me i am ok but i have come off the bike" got the treatment are you ok ect and the ambo's where called so me and the helmet where off to the hospital.

    bruised jaw (cant close my mouth),face,arms legs, back neck bruising, ect, the biggest part that hurts is my big toe, must have hit something as the toe nail is pushed all the way back major pain..... home typing this and i kicked the kitchen table AHahahahahahahah....

    the helmet was scratched at the front (useless as tits to a bull as had an impact point around my jaw) dry riders need a wash, bike needs a set of fairings, indicators, mirrors ect (and a bloke who knows what he is on about to give it a check over)

    i feel if i had a bigger bike this would have been avoided 600-1000 which is heavier and more tyre than my CBR 125 but having said that if i had a bigger bike to start with i know i would be dead right now as i had my first wake up call in the wet being stupid a while ago and was glad i had no more power than i had..... ever since then i have been carefull hence why i slowed down in the wind but ? "you get that" i suppose...

    i will be fixing the bike and continue riding but want a 1000CBR for the extra power and weight/tyre size.. what is everyones thought on the "wind blowing me over" is it common or am i missing something ?
  2. sorry to hear about your stack mate.
    but seriously,learn to control your cbr125 before thinking about getting a CBR1000!
  3. Two separate things there: a bigger and heavier bike is definitely much more stable in the wind, as you said, but also it wasn't exactly the wind that caused your off. With a bit more skill and experience you'd have been able to correct for the wind without coming off. Not saying it's your fault or anything, just a nasty combination of events, but the wind was only one of the set, and without the others wouldn't have been enough to dump you.
  4. sorry to hear about your off

    As for the upgrade bike i supose the cbr1000 will turn you into rossi in the twisties too :roll:
  5. Sorry to hear about you crash mate, always a sad thing with a new bike. I have a Kwaka ZZ-R250 which is fully faired, and it gets blown round a good deal, even though its 145kg + 15kg fluids + 80kg me.

    Whenever its wet or when the wind is blowing I am really careful about applying any more than about 15 degrees of lean angle. I end up taking corners stupid slow to the extent I hold up faster drivers. Leave the knee-dragging for the dry and calm conditions.

    Also, be careful on open straights like the Eastern Freeway. When its blowing a tempest, the wind gusts past Chandler Hwy outbound can be very strong. I wasn't paying attention once and got blown from one lane to another. Literally. Always watch your positioning in this regard.

    Other than that, its just experience, mate. Riding with lean angle to compensate for wind, watching your lane positioning in anticipation of gusts, and learning to use the rear brake for hill starts and emergency stops only. Learners always use the rear brake too much. First exhibit: my ZZ-R250's rear brake pad :LOL:

    As far as a new bike is concerned, if you ride in windy conditions regularly, perhaps a half-faired (i.e. no lower fairing) suits the ticket.
  6. Sorry to hear you came off mate, I was riding down the Western Highway yesterday and nearly come off at 110km/h when the enbankment on the side stopped, I totally sh!t myself, wind is a scary thing not real pleasant to ride in, but its riding none the less.
  7. damn sorry to hear of your fall.

    I hope you heal fast.
  8. Hi all thanks for the reply's, i have had a chance to have a read and have decided you all have valid points about my accident. the problem with the wind this morning was it was gusting at about 40 knots which in my opinion i should not have been riding in (and will not in the future)

    Bravus, you said it was kinda my fault and appologized but you should not i do 100% agree with you it was my fault i should not have been riding in conditions that i was un comfortable in but i did and due to in experience screwed up but glad i learned a lesson without to much loss...

    speed_deamon the back brakes ? on the learners course they said use the back to stop never the front whilst traveling fast or in a shite situation ? but what you get told on the learners and what happens in real life are realy different i know so what would be the advice from the experienced guy's ?

    i agree on the leaning thing and dont do it in the wet anymore just go really slow and hold up traffic but they can deal with it those small tyres on the 125 are bad in the wet.

    re assessed the damage and the bike is not as bad but still needs alot of tlc.

    i will post a couple of pict tomorrow.
  9. they told you NOT to use the front?? wtf!
  10. Adrian, ask yourself these questions;
    Would a more experienced rider, on your bike, have crashed in the same situation?
    If the answer is NO...
    Do you want to become that rider?

    Until you've answered these questions for yourself, it's hard to know how to help you.

  11. i got the same bike and when im going over bridges it feels like its gonna blow away
    have you considered putting on weight ?
  12. uhh i think they may have meant dont clamp down on the front brakes, always ease onto them. its common knowledge to everyone that the majority of braking grip comes from the front wheel as the weight shifts onto it. try to use the brakes with the steering foward and bike upright. not always possible but slow right down if you need to in the wet

    learn not to freak out. it never ever helps, if youre going to fall off youre better off relaxed while doing it :LOL:

    making rash moves on the brakes or steering just upsets the balance
  13. yep leave the front alone where the words..... i do use them though in the dry just a little to balance the braking, seems like a logical thing to do.

    i feel if a more experienced rider was on the bike maybe not, they would know what they are doing. i do hope to become more experienced.

    powers, what do you think of your bike, although mine has bitten me i still like it. what experience do you have ? glad mine is not the only one that hates wind... (did you want to sell you fairings and lh indicators :)

    gsxxr, i use to freak out turning right, even roundabouts, i use to tense up and go all still and drift around the corner but fortunately i have stepped up a little bit and actually got the advice of this forum which was while i am going round the roundabout flap my arms like i am trying to fly which will make the arms loosen up and in a week it worked.

    ah tomorrow is another day and i will wake up with a fresh mind, and probably black and blue and in 10 times more pain....
  14. Sorry to hear you dropped the bike.

    The wind pushes bikes around but the secret is too just relax and go with it. Perhaps easier said than done if you aren't used to it but if you tense up you will likely exaggerate the winds effects and wobble even more. Obviously if things get too uncomfortable slow down, which you did so that was good.

    Not sure if you got that rear brake advice right though. I can't imagine a reputable learner's course giving that advice. I suspect you might hear from RobSalvv on that.

    But despite feeling pretty sore it sounds like there is no real harm done to you or the bike. All in all, any off you can ride away from is not too bad an outcome.
  15. Hey Adrian,

    Sorry to hear about your off :(
    Are you sure they told you not to use your front brake? :? Sure you didn't get that mixed up cause it should be the other way around?

    As for the bike, yes it's light and yes it does get blown about but in saying that you need to learn how to lean against the wind in those conditions. I can't speak from experience for what it's like on a 1000 but I'm pretty sure any bike gets blown around, it's the rider than learns how to be in control in those situations.

    Sounds like you need to read up on on proper techniques then put it into practice when you and your bike are all better.

    Again, sorry about your off

  16. How did they teach you to emergency brake?
  17. yep and this was about the only time we where suppose to touch it. make sure the bike is upright squeeze the back and front together and who cares if the engine stalls was the requirement and had to stop in so many metres of which i done...
  18. That's really odd. Where did you do your course?

    If I were you I would spend some $$ on some courses cause it sounds like you didn't get the correct basic training.
  19. it was stay upright in ballarat. i would like to do a course i see they do different ones here and there. i was even thinking of going on one of those ride days they have on here just to meet some people and get some advise but have not got the time lately. was looking into it for after christmas.

    any advise on where to go ?
  20. you must of been confused mate. theres no way they would have taught you that.