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Came off my new Firestorm :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Not4Resale, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Damn it, i was hoping not to have to post a thread like this ever but I suppose it was a minor spill so works as a relatively cheap lesson.

    Here goes....

    Got my new baby on monday, terrible weather but like I cared, she was gorgeous and needed attention. I haven't ridden the bike hard yet, its my first big bike so was slightly too hesitant.

    But yeh, had a test today for uni, had plenty of time, brought her out of the garage, warmed her up for a bit. Then had a quick thought about the slippery grime sitting just where i walked the bike over (didn't put much thought to it). I started toward the road and took off with a slightly greater lean angle than i probably should have had and felt the tire start sliding out, still thinking i could save it I stood it back up and the handlebars started wobbling(should've cut the revs me thinks but young and inexperienced) then all of a sudden boom, sliding along the ground face first thinking about just how dumb I am for coming off in such a noobish fashion.

    Please don't hold back from the scoldings, I really should've been more on the ball considering the conditions and now im up for a few hundred dollars of repairs and new boots (they worked great though!)

    Lucky it wasn't serious though, I think i'll take this lesson to get some better gear and invest in an advanced riding course. This was avoidable and I really should have known better...
  2. Always better to come on your sexy new bike than come off it :p

    Live and learn I suppose.

    Least you're in one piece and the damage is minor.
  3. If the bike slides out a little, it'll usually sort itself out as long as you're relaxed and not too hard on the throttle.

    That's why a couple of beers before riding is a good idea.
  4. Can't scold, you have taken the lessons and received the hurt so commiserations on the bad luck :( and move on. New bike new tyres, don't know how many k's you have done since picking it up but the new tyres may be still a bit slippery, they need to bed in.
  5. Well, you got bitten by something that happens to ANY rider if they get caught off guard or happen to miss the warning signals.

    Shame about the stack, but both of you are ok...learn from it as you are, and spend the next week in the garage apologizing to your bike for being a nonga. :grin:

  6. Dont feel bad, its happened to all of us. :)

    You fell, you undertand why, your lucky to have learnt from it.

    Sorry about the damage cost - lessons are always $$ based.
  7. :LOL:

    I had a little slide out when my toes touched on the way to uni today, methinks I was being far too ambitious on a wet commuter run - I was duckfeeting as I wasn't expecting it :shock:
  8. Thanks for all the support guys! I visited the Dr and I'm alright, just a sprained ankle and I phoned my lecturer and made it to the alternative time for the test :) Bout to call the mechanic to book my baby in but definitely don't feel like making any more silly mistakes like this.

    I think I thought i could handle the wihp because i've had it happen plenty of times on my 250 and I always righted it fine but the handlebars started jerking wildly and i think at that point i realised that I was going to be taking a fall...devastating but not too expensive lesson so I'll fix my girl up then make sure to be extra careful!
  9. I'm on the same boat

    Yeah, I fell off today too.
    My First time.

    It was a slow fall. I stop on traffic light and then take off heading left. The road has a slight incline but I failed to notice this debris/sand and my wheel just spun and I lost control.

    One thing I learn though, adrenalin can make you lift a 200Kg bike yourself!!! Kudo to other rider that stop to check on me. Luckily my S3 is OK, just some scratch on bottom bit thanks to oggy.

    Yeah, be careful with this wintery spring.
  10. well there's that monkey off your back, it's a great feeling to get the first drop of a new bike out the way at slow speed. :) Now you can get on with learning to really ride it :) :wink: