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Came off, bike's in bad shape..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jc212, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Hey guys a few weeks ago i came off my virago when my front wheel locked up just before a round-about (no cars thankfully). Anyway, the bike landed/flipped and ended up on its right side. The front end was pretty mangled. I sent it off to a mechanic near the princess hwy/gardeners rd intersection and they gave me the following quote;

    To get it up and running again:

    new handlebars - 126.18
    rhs mirror - $25
    clutch switch - $47.66
    air filter cover -$79.50
    front end & wheel, footrest straightened up - $250
    5 hrs labour - $385 - $77hr
    towing - $50


    This is my first bike and i'm not sure whether these prices are reasonable. I've been thinking of buying things like the air filter cover and clutch switch off a wrecker to see if i can get a better deal. I've decided not to repair the fuel tank since it costs $900 alone.

    The mechanic (graham) told me the inner rust-proof lining of the fuel tank has probably been compromised and that it might start to rust in a few years time. He noted that it wasn't too much of a problem.

    I'd like to know your thoughts of the pricing and whether it is even worth getting it up and running again. How much would it be worth at the wreckers? The engine (26ks on the clock) and rear parts of my bike are still in very good condition.

    Appreciate your help!

    By the way i only skinned a knee and sprained an ankle! Real lucky! :D
  2. Sorry to hear. Glad you came out okay. Good luck with the rebuild. :grin:
  3. bad luck :cry: But you are ok and that's what matters!!!
    labour - $77hr is pretty cheap..

    The spare parts is something else. you can always find them cheaper, especially if you look at wreckers.. Some mechs expect to make a profit out of parts, some don't. But you can always ask for a list of what's needed ..
    Don't forget, part of what they do is finding the part and ordering it for you, so i guess asking for a detail list with parts numbers might be a bit "rude".
    If you can provide the mech with all the parts and ask him to put them up, it should work..
    Do you have a manual so you can find the parts? The mech might find some other parts missing while he is fixing the bike, so get ready to pay abit more than just 5 hours..
    But do ask him..

    ahh, get 3 quotes, it helps!! i know that he towed your bike , but maybe an estimate over the phone from someone else?
  4. Looks like a reasonable estimate.

    How on god's green earth did you lock up the front wheel?? The brakes on a virago suck!! You must have the squirrel grip from HELL!! lol

    Glad you're ok.
  5. You will get SFA if you sell it to wreckers. Fix it up. Thats a fairly realistic price for the work that needs doing. If you like you could try talking them down 100, but keep in mind they're already doing things at a seemingly very reasonable price.
  6. $1000 for a bike crash is considered pretty cheap. That generally wont even buy you one fairing panel.
  7. Subject to inspection, if you don't want to play about with it, Ill give you $500 for it. Thats more than a wrecker will give you.
  8. You could do that yourself for half the price, it's all easy, except maybe the "front end" - even then, not too hard, go by a wreckers or ebay, get forks with wheel in place, and like leggo, bolt them onto you're bike (get a Haynes manual and follow its instructions). You get to not throw away a good bike, and you get a heck of a lot of satisfaction and confidence into the deal!

    As an example, handlebars new (not necessarily the same style): $40!!