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Came a cropper...new shorty lever

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Oldmaid, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. #1 Oldmaid, Mar 20, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2016
    so did the black dog rode today at Port. Good turn out but was a bit disappointed that the crew was about 85% cruisers and mostly Harleys, there were a few adventure tourers, a small number of sports bikes and a few sad old chook chasers. Very undisciplined group riding with some absolute fcking idiots.
    We took off from the car park at Port Macca then down to Kew.
    A lot of posers were around which was a laff
    The mascot
    I have to express some dismay and surprise that an extremely igh number of riders downed several beers at 1000 in the morning...not a good look in my eyes but hey whatever.
    We finally got going again to Beechwood to yet another bloody pub! Wasn't real happy to be honest. On the Bathurst ride the dear old Lions ladies had tea drink and cupcakes etc to raise more money and then a rotary bbq- this seemed like a pubcrawl.
    The ride was supposed to end at the Black Duck brewery (yet more piss!).
    Maybe god punished me for being a wowser about hitting the piss on a lifeline suicide prevention ride at 1000 in the morning because I managed to come off making a right turn and down like a sack of shit I went.
    Took off my brake lever, hero peg (lol) dinged the exhausts and all down the side...fcked my knee as well but whatever
    Two guys stopped to help me right my wrong huge thank you!
    I limped home and now need to take stock of the damage which is mostly to my psyche...WTF I can not believe it happened...
    Mighty pissed off at present and not likely to do the black dog ride up here again.

  2. Sorry to hear that you came off Oldmaid, and it sounds like the BD ride was a bl00dy horror as well! :(
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  3. Yikes! As you tell others, get checked by a medico to ensure you are ok. Then into the bike damage and the accident reconstruction, what went wrong, what could you have done differently etc.
    rest up and recover, hope to see you up and riding again soon!
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  4. Oh shit OldmaidOldmaid, that's not great news at all! Sounds like a very eventful day -- the BDR down this way looked considerably tamer (probably because it was pretty much all HDs and HWP) and without the pubcrawl, although we still avoided the 'ride' proper.

    How fast were you going when you came off? I'm sure you know to get the knee checked out if its causing you problems, but glad you're OK and the damage to the bike sounds like its just cosmetic (and an excuse for a set of shorty levers).

    Wanna borrow the little ninj? ;)
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  5. First scratch is always the most painful to see.
    At least your bike looks like it has been used :).
    Just but shorty levers and try to polish out any superficial scratches.

    Shouldn't affect the value of the bike too much unless you have some cracks in the front fairing.

    Also if you haven't already done so then buy some oggyknobs just to give peace of mind for any future slow speed drops.

    Hope the knee heals up nicely.
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  6. My bad ( isn't it always?)
    went to turn right and suddenly saw a car coming quick and grabbed too much front brake and whammo down I went.
    Was stunned at first but good old conditioned training, rolled out from under the bike, killed the engine and then went WTF.
    Just soft tissue ligament damage to knee. No biggie.
    Just sooooooo angry at myself.
  7. No good Oldmaid, hope you and bike heal well.

    Sounds a real disappointment.

    Fortunately the Penrith was a bit better in my experience. Mostly well behaved (lots of cruisers). Made some new mates, and found a work mate in the crowd I was encouraging to do the ride. He has really struggled - especially after losing his house in a fire. We rallied around him at the time, and great to see him out of the dark and back on the bike. That's really what the day means to me, so I hope all is well with you and bike, but the Port ride does sound like it needs to reconsider its purpose.
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  8. Ohh nooo! Hope you are ok overall :confused:
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  9. Sounds like a real shit of a day OldmaidOldmaid - glad you're ok.
  10. Oh rats, Miss Jane!!! Sorry you scratched Zedee! Rest up and try again.
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  11. Bummer OldmaidOldmaid. I hope both you and Zedee can heal real quick and that there are no long lasting effects.
    The Melbourne ride went better than most from the sounds of the reports, although I was one of a rebel group that cut and run elsewhere up in the hills.
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  12. OldmaidOldmaid hope you and Zedee are ok. Take it easy on yourself.
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  13. that's a massive bummer OldmaidOldmaid, sorry to hear you dinged yourself and your new bike. some group rides are terrible and sounds like this was one of those...
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  14. Hope you heal up quick OldmaidOldmaid and the bikes back in tip top shape ASAP
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  15. Nice presence of mind! I'm glad the damage to you and bike isn't too bad although bashing your knee like that doesn't sound like a comfortable afternoon. That mix of shock and anger at yourself is pretty miserable too. I came within a whisker of doing the same thing at the roadside yesterday and it was only luck that stopped it from going down the same path. Do you think you'll stay with the Terminator grey or go with something outrageous for new levers?
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  16. Glad to hear you're okay!
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  17. Sorry to see you had a mishap hope you and your bike heal up quick.
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  18. Thanks everyone! Feeling sad and sorry down the right side today but absolutely nothing bad except bruising and sore swollen knee. Oh and bruised ego. :cry:
    Joys of non city living in that I don't have a variety of workshops to pick from to go get Zeddee seen to...will likely be post Easter now.
    Glad to have got that first off on the road behind me and that it was nothing in the scheme of things.
    Not sure how I feel about riding at present...not scared or anything...just sooooo soooo angry at myself for it happening :devil:
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  19. Hey OldmaidOldmaid, nice to hear from you again (I'm not following the right threads obviously), pity about the circumstances! :-(. So sorry you hurt yourself and your trusty steed!

    Really disappointing to hear about the BDR, such a shame because it's a worthy cause! Ours was better although I have to say that it seemed overrun with Harley's who were intent on making my overtaking more difficult than it should've been! Ended up breaking off and blowing off a bit of steam (thanks Uncle GregUncle Greg) which drastically improved my day! Will have to plan same deal next year if I'm to bother with the BDR again!!!

    Come to Melbourne next time! Excuse to catch up (finally)! You'll have a place to stay!!!

    Rest up and keep us updated!!! :)
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  20. Terrible news OldmaidOldmaid but glad your relatively ok. My wife did a very similar thing years ago. Almost to a stop but watching me as I missed the turnoff and then grabbed a fist full of front brake and down she went. It was probably made worse at an intersection with all the crud you get on the road from cars sitting there.

    Best advice is to pop it out of your mind once the knee stops hurting and keep riding. In the scheme of life it's a "nothing" just shrug the shoulders and move on. From your description other than the brake lever which you can do very easily yourself I doubt it even needs to be looked over by a shop.

    Shame about the pub crawl. It really angers me with the very real encouragement of alcohol in Australia. It's almost at a point we're people think it's impossible to have a laugh and fun without it. Yet it causes so many problems.

    Just like all the current advertising for betting agencies. Seriously people the reason they have such massive advertising budgets is because the house never loses!!!!!!! Kids think it's normal to bet on everything:mad: Rant over lol
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