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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Billsy, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Heading off to Siem Reap round Christmas...meeting a mate....hiring a bike and hoping to stay alive...anyone been to this area...good to hear your inputs... Wayne.

  2. Never ridden around that part of the world but will be interested to hear what advice people have...

    My advice...

    * Carry your own home sourced medical supplies.
    * Insurance (read the pds)
    * Take some protective gear
    * Take lots of common sense
  3. I was over there about 3 months ago, due to Angkor Wat and other temples Siem Reap is pretty safe , it is very touristy with heaps of restaurants and bars compared to the rest of Cambodia.

    In regards to hiring a bike be smart about it. If the police pull you over they may not "recognise" your international license so you might have to pay a "fine"/bribe.

    One traveller i spoke to told me how he kept all his money in belt and only kept a few dollers in his wallet. The police pulled him over in Sihanoukville and said he would need to pay 500 us to get the bike back. He said he didnt have it and they just asked for what was in his wallet(10US). Then they wanted to go drinking with him..

    The International hospital there is fantasitc i was there for 2 days with a stomach infection. It was 5 star if i ever get sick ill go over there instead of one of our hosptials just make sure you have insurance, it cost me 3500 AUS for myself and partner for 2 nights.

    Also everyone there with a scooter is a taxi for hire(most of SE Asia). I got a few lifts on the back its heaps cheaper than the tuk tuks. Most of the bikes are scooters 50cc -125 i only saw road bikes for hire in Lao the rest are scooters.

    Feel free to ask me any more questions if you have them.

    Oh yeah my 1st post, been lurking here for ages.

    Hi all.
  4. If you only going to Seam Reap is pretty safe is tourist destination, but it you ever pull over by the cops or something:
    1. You can pay them (bribe) not more then $20 or $30 just say that all you have, will get you out of drouble.
    2 try to travel in a groups.
    3 never drinks water from the tap.
    4 99 percent of Cambodian have no insurance, if you involv in the accident just pay them $50 or $100 ( if is your fails) but if is not your fails don't worry just go and get it repaire labour and parts is cheap.
    5 always bargain.
    6 always prepaire for the unexpected.
    7 traffice is number 1 you should watch out, people run through red light, drinks driving, walking acrose the rd, driving wrong direction, etc.
    8 riding gears? Not really because you can't go more then 50 kh in the city. But I definatly bring the helmet and groves. If you hire a bike I would recommend dirt bike, and good luck with your jurney.