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VIC Camberwell, test ride a CB400?

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Brett, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Recently came off my CB400 in the wet and have a broken collarbone. Still have 4 to 5 weeks before I can ride or drive because I had to go back in and get a plate put in my shoulder.

    I am interested in another CB400 for sale and would like to make an offer and grab it but am unable to test ride it myself.

    Last bike I got a pre-purchase inspection but that cost me $300 bucks and funds are limited now. It seems to be in good condition and reasonably low kms so there probably isn't much that would be wrong with it anyway.
    Took a small loss on the insurance market value as well as the $800 excess due to being a newer rider - so with not working as well am trying to reduce costs - but still get back on the bike.

    So if anyone is local and could help me out to look and test ride it for me it would be greatly appreciated and I would be happy to return a favour if needed later on.
    Someone who has a familiarity with a CB400 would be a bonus.
  2. Be happy to help but seeing as my grasp on the mechanics of a motorcycle
    is roughly the same as Donald Trumps when it comes to politics I might let
    some else do it :p:p

    Best of luck on the recovery and the bike
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  3. If you get stuck I can help.
  4. Don't know shit about cb400. Finish work at 3pm on a Friday if that suits.
  5. I'm the opposite lol, can't give a decent mechanic's tick of approval on any bike, but I do know the CB400 as the other half had one for a while, so know what it's supposed to feel like.

    What if we all pitch up to look, poke, prod and ride it and then BrettBrett buys us a beer lol ;)
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  6. How about we all just turn up with beer and kick the tyres? That said I know a bit about cars and bikes and like BENNY THE JETBENNY THE JET I have some time on Friday. nothing specific to the CB400 though, other than how the HISS system works.
  7. Bugger - that might have worked but I just remembered that I have Traffic Court on Friday afternoon (1:30) in Ringwood.
  8. In regards to knowing much about the CB400 I was only mentioning that as being a bonus.
    I guess all I am looking for is someone who can ride it and check if it feels right, rides okay, and whether the brakes etc all feel fine. Mechanically it sounds and runs okay - I ran through the gears with the clutch in whilst running and they seemed a lot smoother than my old CB400.
  9. Let us know what time you're thinking mate, any one of us can give it a quick ride to see if it feels sound. I'm off all of Friday, and I might be able to fit something in Saturday morning depending on when the epic starts. I see you're in Glen Waverley, that's practically on the way to Camberwell for me. If you want to be there at the same time I might be able to pick you up on the way.
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  10. It could work if we looked at it at 11:30 am - then I could catch a train from there to Ringwood afterwards and still get there in plenty of time.
    If you are sure you are okay with that then that would be great - I would just need to call the guy tomorrow morning and make sure that would suit him too - and also check that the other guy that was looking at it today didn't take it. I know he is going away early Saturday morning so Saturday morning wouldn't work.
  11. Tee it up mate, I'm even willing to drop you off in Ringwood for court, maybe lunch if we have time before. Let me know, I'll PM you my mobile #
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  12. Cool - I will call him in the morning and see what is possible - when you say you could pick me up do you mean on a bike or a car - just cos I have an arm in a sling and have no helmet at the moment.
  13. In a car of course, I wasn't going to ask a guy who just got out of hospital to climb on to a pillion seat.
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  14. lol - I would be game if it wasnt for the sling though. :)
  15. Thank you to everyone for your offers - the bike has been sold to someone else now though - back to the drawing board.

    At least I am in no rush and can wait to see if something better comes along - 4 to 5 weeks before I can ride anyway.
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  16. Bugger. What sort of year and budget are you looking at?
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  17. The one I was looking at was a 2010 ABS model with 17,000 odd kms at around the $6,000 mark - which is probably at the top end of my budget.

    There is a 2011 ABS model online at only $4,500 but it has 52,000 kms which I am not sure about getting one with that much mileage on it - may go have a look though. I would probably fork out with the mechanical inspection cost with that one with the higher kms on it though if I was interested.
  18. Enabler again mate.......lol
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  19. Huh there's not a lot around at present, unusual. I'll keep my eyes peeled....
  20. That's a shame, that 2010 model looked pretty good! The 2011 model looks like it's had a pretty serious fall with the paint missing on the RHS engine case and is that a decent dent in the tank too?