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Camberwell Motorcycles??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. just took m'ZZR into these guys for a roadworthy before onselling it to a fellow Netrider who's test ridden it and happy'n'ready to buy. the shop is local (walking distance to my place) and while i've never really warmed to the guy there, i've only really ever used them to buy bits'n'pieces like, oil, spark plugs, oil filter etc, so no problem.

    he's come back to me with a list of things that need doing to pass roadworthy - most of which can be fixed more cheaply by friends and i've had a coupla good mechanics recommended by people here. does anyone know anything about these guys? do i trust him? is he taking me for a ride ('scuse pun) 'cos i'm a chick on a 250? should i get a second opinion? what gives?
  2. Although i've never had too much to do with the folk at Camberwell Motorcycles (similar to you, oils, chains, some gear, etc), I've always found them straight down the line and a pretty good operator.

    But, then again, there's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion, or checking out some of the points yourself or with a friend just to check.

  3. give us the list...

    some places will pick EVERYTHING they can in an attempt to drum up some work, while others cant be stuffed picking silly little things and pissing customers off for good.

    but anyways, list us :grin:
  4. I've used them before, nothing really bad to say about them, prices were reasonable - serviced an sr250 and repaired it after a drop.

    Apart from: After picking up from a service, they left me on reserve without telling me, ran out of fuel on my way home (I never use reserve, I keep it full, so they must have eaten up a fair bit of fuel doing something). The missus rescued me with a jerry can after be stranded in studley park nowhere near a servo.
  5. agreed, people have been known to get very picky to pick up some lazy work

    The list will give you a real clue as too how pedantic they are/are not

    Cheers :cool:
  6. The halogen in your light bulbs will usually need re-gassing. I also suggest rotating your tyres - front to back, back to front.
  7. fair call. he gave me a list over the phone including stuff like:

    low beam too high
    disc rotors
    piece missing from rear brake pedal
    worn handle bars
    left mirror glass not secure
    right front indicator (this one i knew)
    brake pads (surprised - they look good to me)
    V panel (what's that?)
    cam change
    cracked fairing (knew this, didn't think it'd be a problem)

    he's giving me a quote later today so will have the complete list in writing which i can post up later.
  8. What the hell are 'worn handle bars'???

    "Yeah, I had to take the bike in for it's 50,000k handle bar change, that were down to the chrome..."

  9. not to mention the muffler bearings that need replacing, you cant let those go or your exhaust will seize up :shock:
  10. yep, go somewhere else.

    there may be truth to some of that (or they may be pulling your leg) but some of that is utter bollocks.

    cam change (WTF? long as theres no oil leaks or smoke blowing, the motor is fine. thats VERY specific for an RWC check)
    cracked faring (unless its jutting out all over the place, this is normally fine)
    worn handlebars ( :LOL: i'm guessing they mean grips? so long as there is rubber there, most places will pass it)
    piece missing from rear brake pedal (unless the pedal is SERIOUSLY impaired, i would suggest this is bollocks)
    V Panel (yeh, i'm stumped too, NFI what that is)

    low beam too high (most places wont pick this, but its a 2sec fix anyways)
    disc rotors (first thing most places check, if its under, its under :? )
    tyres (are they down to the wear indicator or old and cracked?)
    left mirror glass not secure (secure it :p got blu tac? :p :p )
    right front indicator (check wiring or replace bulb)
    brake pads (they need a couple of mm i believe, how 'OK' do you think they are?)
  11. Hey, i was in a similar situation to you, have a gpx250 that i needed a rwc for, and they are just down the road from me too. I found him to be very picky and basically his attitude was that he wasnt going to give me a roadworthy. Verbally quoted over 1500 to fix things. My bike is certainly not a POS (its not new either). Some of the things on his list were extremely obscure and petty and he must have gone over it with a fine tooth comb. A lot of the things on your list were also on mine. I fixed the important safety issues (new brake pads, new rear rotor, fixed cracks on fairing) and a few minor details and took it into Mick Hone in Box Hill. He checked it over and gave me one straight away. No, the guy at mick hone didnt give me a dodgy roadworthy, he checked everything that was on the list and important to safety and relevant (no way am i gonna ride an unsafe/unroadworthy bike). The guy at camberwell motorcycles was just picky beyond belief (sharp edge on centrestand-that i still cant find, indicator switch doesnt 'feel' good, 'squeak' in rear damper, the list goes on). Sorry if its a bit long, but i feel that at the least he is very picky and uses these roadworthies to drum up more business. Try somewhere else (a bit busier perhaps) and see how you go, i certainly found Mick Hone to be great.
  12. Oh one more thing while i'm still p*ssed off, one of the things on my list was battery breather tube disconnected. The tube was next to the battery and it would have taken less time for him to have connected it up then it would have taken him to write it down. Not impressed
  13. i use the same place every time, they're always honest and straight up about it all. if dandenong isn't too far away, try bennet st bike tune (on bennet st beleive it or not! :LOL:). they dont know me from the next bloke, but they've always been up front and easy going.

    and dont go near sharptune in dandenong, they tried the same shit with my other half, wont piss around with them again....
  14. Roadworthiness requirements here

    The handlebars may come under section B

    "All steering components must be in good condition, securely and correctly mounted and free from damage and excessive wear"

    If they have been damaged and straightened they could knock them back. Are there any wrinkles or cracks in the chrome that would indicate this. Alternatively has someone rerouted cables and drilled holes in the bars to run them inside? These are the sorts of things that would apply here.

    Also check where they are clamped. Are they looking cracked at all where they've had stress placed on them?

    The V panel & cam change - what are they?

    In section I - body and chassis it says:

    "the body and fittings must be free from any damage which might increase the risk or severity of injury to the occupant, pedestrian or any other motorist"

    Now it's pushing it a bit to say that minor cracks in the fairing might cause this.

    Personally I'd go in (preferably with someone who knows what he's about) and ask them to show you every individual item and explain why it's not roadworthy.

    If you aren't happy about his appraisal then:

  15. Fix the stuff you know about first, check the service manual about the rotors and see if they are really under spec.
    Then take it to another place, I've noticed that if you leave it to someone for a day they will always find a huge amount of stuff to "fix"

    Try and find a place that will do it on the spot.

    good luck

  16. I always like to measure the discs myself before handing over to some one like this. You often get this alot, and it is a quick and simple measurement you can do yourself with the right tool. The minimum thickness is often stamped on the disc.

    If they are under though, it is a definite RWC problem.

    Brake pads are not a huge expense and new fluid is not a bad idea either, but this can be done easily by yourself or friends.

    Congrats on finding a buyer though, and good luck with the new purchase.
  17. Carri, I'm tipping that the V Panel is the piece of bodywork at the front of the bike that is shaped like a V. So, behind your front wheel there will be a V panel of bodywork that is inserted across the front of your bike the left and right hand fairings come around it. I know I am not explaining it well, but just look behind the front wheel at the bike and you should see what I mean. Perhaps, said V panel is cracked, broken, missing, or simply stone chipped.
  18. Sounds like hes full of shit to me :grin:
  19. One of my bro's Josh had some work there. He was very thorough.
  20. Try and find a car shop that will also do bike roadworthies.
    They ussually aren't so pedantic and are not trying to drum up (bike repair)work like a bike shop always does with roadworthies.