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Camaraderie between bikies..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by enzise, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. i am so impressed and blown away by the bikie comunity.. i have noticed that all bike riders will acknowledge another bike rider some way when they pass each other or are at lights together weather it be a nod of the head or a quick chat...

    also this moring when i was having my problems a guy on a bike actually stopped and asked me if everything was ok..

    i was stunned i was just standing on the side of the road not looking bad or anyhting but he checked to see if everything was ok......im amazed its like a secret society that i have now joined

    I LOVE IT... lol
  2. Glad you've joined the group. :)

    While we wish all riders were like this, there are a few who aren't really interested in joining the community. You'll get to know the type, so don't get down when they don't nod back!

    Still, it has to be one of the great things about riding a bike. There is a real sense of camaraderie that can't be had while sitting in a cage on the way to work. I reckon you know what it's all about when you pull up at a set of lights next to another bike, nod at each other, and take off grinning as the rain pisses down around you. :)
  3. I have experienced camaraderie with fellow Alfa drivers. I think its when you join a more exclusive club people look out for each other and their cars. Lets face there aren't many classic Alfas banging about and bikes whilst more prevalent are still rarer than cages. I think another thing might be that both bikes and Alfas (the older ones) have their fair share of mechanical tantrums so it encourages a more enthuisiast following.
  4. When I binned the babyblade, 2 Ducati riders rode straight past me just after I stopped sliding and was getting back to my feet.

    The cage driver that stopped was a girl that I hadn't seen for years.
  5. Yes Vic but if you are as scary lookin as the pic I can understand that :LOL:

    One point to the topic, I think most would agree we are not "bikies" but rather "bikers"...

    .. just my opinion, and yeah most are excellent.
  6. i see ducati's in pairs a lot more than other bikes, is there a reason for that???
  7. I pulled over on the F3 Freeway one very foggy night at Mount White to adjust my back protector and a guy and his pillion pulled over to ask if I was OK ... I really appreciated that.

    There is one type of biker I have noticed who doesn't nod, and thats the guy riding in t-shirt and shorts .. not sure why.
  8. well...if i should hazard a guess: safety in numbers. i think they get bashed alot if they ride around by themselves :shock: :LOL: :) :wink:
  9. Because the ladies always go to the toilet in pairs!!!

    Flame suit on.

  10. It is a reliability thing. Personal roadside assist.

    Only joking
  11. just dont expect a nod from harley guys if ur on a sports bike, there 2 wrapped up up in the dream,
  12. The silent espirit de corps as you pass another rider is powerful, go to rallies, group rides, parties, shows etc and you'll see the same cameraderie - it's strong stuff, not a secret society as such but a much misunderstood yet very real to those of us who live it. Welcome to the fray.
  13. If they dont nod back its because they didnt see you. well at least thas what i tell myself at night to get me to sleep.
  14. Not all Harley riders. Only this morning I got a "G'day mate, how're ya goin'?" from a bloke who pulled up next to me at the lights on a Harley.

    Mind you, I was so surprised I nearly fell off in shock... :LOL:

    (Not sure what model Harley it was, but it was a very good-looking bike. 2-tone blue and just the right amount of chrome. Damn nice.)
  15. wow im astounded, i would have been speechless lol i think it must be the concentration involved with ape hangers that does it, there a cack lol
  16. You ever tried 'em?
  17. Oh Lord are you guys all in trouble!!!!

    Just a note...I have had no bike issues since I bought my Duke 4 years ago, yet my Honda gave me no end of grief in the 2 years I had it.... :p I'll wait til you all get to eat your words!! :p
  18. It's not everyday that one is touched by the words of a true poet, but alas see below, a new classic.
    munecito wrote:
    Because the ladies always go to the toilet in pairs!!!
  19. I like this cameraderie we are displaying to this newbie....what do you think?!!

  20. Tomorrow I'll ride with forty Ducatis and in a month's time two hundred.

    Bring the Noise :!: :cool: