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Cam Sinclair injured in X Fighters Final crash in Madrid

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Azz, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. During the finals at the X Fighters in Madrid, Spain, Cam under rotated the double backflip, landing heavily on the front of his body and head.

    Cam was knocked unconscious and taken to hospital in a critical condition. He has since had surgery on his liver, to repair a rupture in it and stop the internal bleeding. Luckily the operation was successful and the bleeding has been stopped.

    Doctors did scans on Cams head and body to check for other damage, it appears he has broken his shoulder, but other than that his spine looks ok. He also has some bruising on his brain however the full extent of the damage to it wont be known for 12-14 hours minimum.

    At this stage Cam is in a critical but stable condition under an induced coma in hospital.

    I will be sure to update as soon as I know more.
  2. This link is from the last round of the X Fighters Freestyle Motocross championship held in Fort Worth, Texas. The Metal Mulisha athlete Cam Sinclair has become the first rider ever to land a double backflip during a competitive motocross freestyle run


    Here's hoping that Cam has a full & speedy recovery & there's many more years of FMX for him to come!
  3. I haven't received any update with how Cam is doing, his brother is set to touch down in Spain in about 9 hours... an awful time for his family and friends!

    Ninemsn has footage of Cam's crash while attempting the double backflip, BEWARE the sight is not pretty!!


  4. Hey guys, finally some good updates for Cam.
    Cam's brother is finally in Madrid after a 28 hour flight leaving Melbourne on Saturday night.
    He sat with Cam for an hour or so this morning (our time), and said he looks beat up but was stoked that Cam opened his eyes when he heard his voice! :)
    Cam even tried to give him a lil 'slap punch' so that's a great sign :LOL:

    Cam is breathing by himself and the tubes might come out tomorrow?

    He'll be in ICU for at least a week, then i suppose will move to another ward where he can recover for how ever long he needs to recover. There were reports that family were trying to get a private jet to fly him home, but at the moment that's not going to happen and Cam will be staying in Madrid to recover.
  5. Cam's brother has asked for fam, friends & fans to please leave a msg for Cam at www.camsinclair.com.au.
    He'll print these out each morning and read them to Cam each day.
    The Doctors have asked them to chat to Cam while they're with him so this would be awesome to show him what kind of support he has,
    Thanks :)

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  6. Damn, let's hope he's OK.

    "Kids, don't try this at home."
  7. Read about this in the rag today, my thoughts go out to you Cam. Godspeed for a full recovery bro.

    His fiance wants him to stop riding. Can't end well.
  8. Shocker of a landing. Get well Cam.
  9. Cam was already riding dirt bikes when I first met him almost 20 years ago, can't see this stopping him :wink:

    Cam's progress is coming along, his neuro reckons it's not the bleeding on his brain that's restricting his right hand side movements but all the fractures from falling on his front right hand side... big relief!!

    Hopefully he'll be back to doing what he loves and does so well (he's been extremely lucky injury wise up until now) & this doesn't stop him from winning the prized XGames Gold
  10. Only time will tell, Azz. Keep us posted, mate.
  11. Cam's still making improvements day to day but Mick said he's still a long way from being better :(

    Cam has lost his memory of the past month and a lot of major things from earlier in his life. He also has no recollection of landing the double backflip (despite having landed 26 to date) and commented that it was “sick†when he was shown the photo of himself! :LOL:

    The good news is that Cam was visited yesterday by the doctors who did some tests on him and concluded that his brain was fine and his memory will eventually come back :grin:
    The problems he is having are only temporary. They are amazed at how quickly he has recovered and once again reminded them that Cam was very very lucky to be alive!

    Moving forward, Cam has another CT Scan on his head booked for next Tuesday and if all goes to plan, he may even be able to fly home (on a special medical jet) home to Australia before the end of the week!! It is also important he is under supervision whilst flying due to the damage caused to his liver.

    Cam is super excited to go home to his own bed, so that he can recover in comfort.

    Hopefully the worst is now behind Cam & he has a full & speedy recovery!
  12. Yay Cam

    Yay Azz
  13. This is the latest update from Cam's bro Mick. Looks like it's going to be a long recovery but hopefully Cam will be back to go for Gold in X Games 16

    From www.camsinclair.com.au
    Here's a couple of my favourite shots of Cam at X Fighters in Madrid