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Cam Donald @ PI yesterday.....

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. The legend was having some fun with his mates at the PI ride day yesterday. Smoked everyone on a road registered Gixxer thou.

    I feel honoured just to have been on the track (and passed by) at the same time as him.... :oops: Neck and neck down the main straight before I braked( :eek:hno: :oops: ) and he didn't......................bye Cam :bolt:
  2. I was on the wall and saw about seven of you guys go over the crest at four abreast. I would of liked to have seen how it sorted itself through turn one. :wink:
    There were some quickies down there on Friday, in ALL of the groups :shock: hehe.
  3. You will be able to tell your Grandkids that you got smoked by a World Class Racer.
  4. That's something special. How many people have moments like these to recall years later? :)
  5. Damn right! I was stoked, (in case you hadn't noticed..... :grin: ) just at being there along side him.
  6. Did you make the time to have a chat with him?
  7. I did a track day with Adam 'Krusty' Ferguson when I had the Blade. He was in my pit garage too and I got a chance to chat to him and his crew.

    Coming into T12, he went past me, on the outside, on the ripple strip with the front wheel in the air, still winding on the throttle. Me, I was holding on for dear life and was in awe. It was amazing to be there and have an Aussie Champ show you why they are the best at what they do.
  8. There is a big gap, isn't there Cliff?
  9. Unbelievable, yes.

    At the time I was doing 1:50's on the Blade and Krusty was testing his new shock and was cruising @ low 1:40's.
  10. Don't feel bad about it, perhaps we can both knit better grey cardigans than those blokes.
  11. Is it knit one, pearl one?
  12. Yep, think so.
  13. Had planned to at the end of the day as i was working, but then he binned it in the last session so I figured he might not be up to having a chat with a stranger...... :oops:
  14. Maybe you're right about that. He is normally quite approachable. Not a bighead at all.

    Did he hurt himself, or wreck the bike?
  15. Not 100% sure but I think it was just a slow one at turn 4, didn't look hurt, didn't see the bike.