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Cam Chain Tensioner Fell Out

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by grunterr, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. So on my way home on friday i pulled over to put my phone in my boot/manbag of my across as i was getting saturated from the rain... at this point my bike stalled and upon cranking it sounded something like this video... :eek:

    A tow truck home and Saturday spent opening her up and checking out the damage... i pulled off the valve cover to discover a very slack cam chain. from here i looked down to see the end of my tensioner sitting beneath the carbs not connected to the bike what so ever...

    It looks like the two screw that hold it in must have vibrated loose and the tensioner fell clean out despite being torqued up to spec previously. o_O .. no wonder my bike stopped running...

    Next i wanted to check the clearances to see if there was any damage from valve to piston contact etc... as timing was WAY off... so i reset the timing, put the tensioner in (WITH LOCTITE!) and checked clearances... to find three slightly tight so i shimmed them up and was on my way.

    Put everything together and it wouldn't start... checked spark, tried aero start and got some sort of response after lots of cranking.. so decided to push it down the driveway.. it sounded somewhat better.. but not quite
    A push down the street was next... so off i go and it kicked up and started only while holding the throttle open and keeping the revs way up! it was getting better and better as it went on but didn't sound right though.... and wouldn't hold idle.

    Back into the garage and we found one of the ignition cables (cylinder #1) wasn't plugged into the coil!! plugged this in cranked it over and she started up instantly!! :D looks like i only checked spark on one cylinder (#4)!!!

    All in all a very good ending as no damage seems to have occurred, and a good lesson learned to use loctite on any major items! even where it's not mentioned in the manual!

    thanks for reading, it would have been better with pictures but i was pre-occupied with getting it going!

    cheers :peace:
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  2. ....quick question. Did you reset the chain tensioner when you did the valve clearance fix on the 3 tight valves?
  3. Yeah he did. You can't lift the camshafts out to get to the shims if you don't remove the tensioner - was loctite'd up after we were happy with the clearances
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  4. yeah when u install the tensioner you "un-tension" with a screw driver and when you let go it automatically tensions straight back up.