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Cam chain tension?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by duff_boy, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, just doing abit of work on my bike - GSF250v, removed the valve cover so i can repaint it and ive decided to check the valve clearances while im at it. My bike does have abit of a "rattley" top end, but when i asked the blokes at the suzuki service department they said its pretty "normal" with my engine.

    Anyway, one thing i noticed once i got the cover off, is that the cam chain seems loose (well i have no experience with bikes, however i work as a diesel fitter and rebuild engines everyday so i'm competent with the tools, but i'm not too sure when it comes to bikes engines.) Where the chain runs between the 2 cam gears(length of chain probably about 10cm long) it has around 10 maybe 15mm of deflection(up and down, same way you measure a drive chain). Does that sound right??? To me that seems abit loose, has anyone with any experience want to give me their opinion? Also, would this engine have a spring loaded type tensioner thats non adjustable, or can i adjust the chain tension some how(if necessary)?

    Unfortunately i dont currently have the section of the service manual relating to the cam chain so i cant look that up. So any help would be great.


  2. Ok i just went out and measured it properly, its got 10mm deflection.
  3. That sounds like quite a lot of deflection at that point to me, but I usually judge these things by the extent of the rattle.

    Not sure what the tensioner arrangement is on that bike but you could replace the spring. Can you get a sense of how far in the slide rail is pushed? If it's right in then it may have run out of ability to take up the slack.

    Also, is yours the variable valve timing model? Not that I'm aware of any difference that makes, but I'd perhaps be inclined to replace if in doubt if it is the VVT version.
  4. Yeh its VVT, if that makes any difference. Im not sure where the tensioner is located, or what it looks like. Got to go to work now, but i spose ill have a better look tomorrow
  5. You may find this site very useful:

    Doesn't answer your question but there's a lot more info available through the main menu which may cover the cam chain - only problem being it's all in Japanese.

    Not sure if the "V" version would be different. Friend of mine had one but wouldn't let me anywhere near it with a spanner :LOL:.
  6. 2fiddy Bandit

    Be cautious with valve clearances with this bike!
    The valve adjustment section in the factory manual is 27 pages long!
    If you don't follow correct adjustment you'd best leave it alone.
  7. that amount of deflection i think sounds a little excessive, but might be fine if the CCT is doing its job, they generally are self adjusting relying off oil pressure. they still need to be checked however by removing them, especially if the motor has a few kays on it. im not sure where it is located on the bandit, but normally they are bolted on the rear of the barrels, just below the heads. please excuse the shit description, id post up a pic if i knew how.

    but i rekon you being a mechanic would know far more about it than me, best thing you can do is get the service manual. if you cant get it off the web, you should be able to source a hard copy off fleabay.