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Calton Draught

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ibast, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. The moto of this beer is "It's made from beer"

    Logic follows that is can't actually BE beer.

    Which is what my tastebuds tell me.

    Do these add shit anyone else as much as they shit me?
  2. :shock: Yep, and so's urine
  3. That explains so much!
  4. i still drink it :(
  5. Straight out of the Yarra.
  6. It isn't great beer, but I've got about half a slab at home. It's cheap and it's still a step better than VB or Melbourne and it mostly comes in stubbies not cans.

    It's drinkable... which VB in a can really isn't!
  7. Better than VB or Tooheys...
  8. So is pulling your pubic hair out with tweezers. Doesn't justfy drinking the piss
  9. Personally I actually like Tooheys Red - but I try to avoid ever drinking beer from a can (frightening just how much aluminium actually dissolves in beer).
  10. What and you think it was OK for you before the aluminium dissolved into it? :?
  11. i havn't tried many different beers but definately good for my budget :D
  12. Rubbish ibast, when was the last time you pulled out my pubic hair with tweezers? It's been aaaaages. Things have changed.
  13. hahahha loz
  14. I went from VB to Carlton Cold, back to VB and finally settled on Tooheys Extra Dry. I even prefer it to beer on tap!
  15. It certainly tastes better without the aluminium. Off topic but I remember my Met lecturer telling us a story of how a company switched from selling asparagus in cans to glass jars and sales dropped dramatically. Turned out customers didn't like the "new taste" so they started adding a small amount of zinc (like that found inside cans) to every jar and sales returned to normal.
  16. Gimme a Boags St. George over the lot. It's like an Aussie Corona.
  17. Good beer, Great ad!. Much better than VB (often called vaginal backwash over here :D ) If you really like your beer though get stuck into a coopers. I feel sorry for you non SA'ians who don't get it or have to pay big money for it
  18. Yeah, Coopers does the bidness.
  19. Hmmm definitely coopers of all descriptions rocks!!!

    Tooheys Extra Dry isn't bad, Boags is great, Crownies rate also.
  20. I used to work in a bottle shop and one of the perks was the amount of taste testing :D Also keeping a close eye on the promo girls on Friday and Saturday nights, but thats another story :D

    A few of the great premium beers i have come across are:

    Beez Neez
    Crown Lager
    Southwark Premium
    Boags Premium
    Coopers Heritage
    Coopers Sparkling (and pretty much all other Coopers)

    Heres a little trivia for you. The lemon in the corona bottle started in Mexico because they used dirty, unsterile bottles. A lemon pushed into the bottle neck would release lemon juice around the rim of the bottle, thus making it sterile.

    See you learn something every day :D