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Caltex Vortex

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Dazzler, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Has anyone else had issues using Caltex Vortex??

    I normally fill with BP 95 or 98, but last night filled with Vortex 98. Today it was very reluctant to start, when it eventually did start, it blew a bit of smoke and is now running rough at low revs.

    It occurred to me that this has happened once before after filling with Vortex.

  2. The plot thickens. my son just got home and told me his car (Honda Prelude) refused to start for some time today. I asked him where he got his fuel, yep same place, same Vortex 98 the day before.

  3. Don't have a problem with Vortex in the car. Never had a problem with it in the bike.
    Did you and your son get the petrol from the same petrol station? Maybe there was a problem with the station?
  4. Seems pretty obvious now doesn't it. Yep same place one day apart.

    However, the first time this happened to me was a different Caltex.

    Gives me an excuse to use the fuel in the tank on a nice long ride later today and then refill asap with good old BP again.

    Maybe need some injector cleaner too.
  5. As stupid as it sounds given that there are only a handful of refineries in Australia, I do find Caltex fuel to be quite shit. I generally use Mobil 9000 in the bike, and I used to put Mobil 2000 in the car.

    Touched the E10 once. Car ran like a dog, had no power, blew smoke. Would rather push the bike than contaminate it with that rubbish.
  6. Vortex and synergy 8000 are the same, from the same refinery. May be water in the underground tank, at your favorite servo.
  7. I've got Vortex 98 in my bike atm (R1). I did ~100km and it seems fine. I normally use BP 98 or some generic 98 E10 at the independent servo down the road.
    They all seem the same.
  8. Really? I run the turbo on E10 - no problems at all. compared to the Caltex 91RON shit that ate the fuel sender on the fiesta......
  9. half a cup of metho gets the water out of your tank.
  10. I used to work for Mobil and I trust their fuel, its all I use - It actually has a higher octane than caltex stuff, Mobils synergy 2000 is 92 RON, 6000 (if you can find it) is 96 RON, and 8000 is 98 RON. They just say its 91, 95 and 97 to avoid getting sued i think.

    I used caltex in my car once and it ran like crap, but my last tank was from 7/11 and it seems to be running great on it so i dunno o_O
  11. why does the 6000 take so long to dispense? or is it just the Western Ring Road wesbound servo?
  12. Quick question from a noob, do you add that cup to a full tank of petrol or is there another technique for the half cup. Or is this sarcasm that a newbie won't get (i.e. like apprentices left handed screwdriver prank)? :eek:hno::grin:
  13. You can add it to your tank or alternatively you can just drink it and then you won't care about the water in your tank.

    Note for Noobs: Tastes better cold.
  14. I know earlier this year a few mates in the go kart world had an issue with Vortex. They had about 9 piston meltdowns in 2 weeks and the only thing in common was the fuel. Dunno if it's different now cos none of them use it anymore.
    Personal preference for PULP is Shell V Power (used to be Optimax), always ran well in the boats and does in the bike too (sux cos the missus works for Caltex).

  15. Do not drink Metho.

  16. I am an Engineering Blacksmith, depending on the flutes on the handle, a screw driver is either left handed, right handed, or with straight flutes it is ambidextrous.
    I have a left handed shifting spanner that annoys the crap out of me.
    I can make you a left or right handed hand hammer or sledge hammer.
    Left or right handed scissors, tongs, it quite amazing the tools that are made left handed.
    And no, they are not apprentice pranks, these are the real thing.

    usually with a half tank or more. you dont want too much metho in there or the thing wont run. Metho is 98% pure alcohol. it mixes with the water and it will go straight through the carby.

  17. It needs orange juice with it. hahahahaha
  18. Ok thanks for clearing that up :oops:

    Can you make striped paint? :LOL::bolt:

    Thanks, I almost just tried it warm.
  19. My mechanic says Vortex has too many additives; deposit softeners, de-carbonisers, and valve lube agents, and other crap that my bike doesn't need or like.

    BP or Mobil 95 RON seems best for my bike which is a PGM fuel injected engine.
  20. If you're going to drink metho, get the stuff which has a bittering agent (as opposed to methanol).

    Methanol is metabolized to methanal (formaldehyde) and then to formic acid, both of which cause permanent nerve injury.