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Calling ZZR250 owners - Do me a quick favour?!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Arch-Angel, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys!
    Need a new battery for trusty old ZZR250, but the old (dead) battery is no where to be found :(

    I seem to remember it being a YB9 battery, but can somone with a 90's model ZZR have a quick peek under the seat and confirm for me BEFORE I BUY ONE THIS ARVO!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. ok erm its a kind of rectangular shape and pretty small,

    Thats all u need to know. Just mesure the dimensions they are all the same
  3. Unlike another reply to your question a battery is NOT a battery.
    I have found the battery you need. Its a YB9L-A2 and its the same as an early 80's GPX (was listed as a 90's ZZR so checked GPX)

    You will have a choce of quality for this type of battery but anything around the $110 mark will be fine.


    Good luck.
  4. Now that one of the most useless bits of information anyone has posted for awhile.

    They are not all the same

    The +/- poles can be on opposite ends to what is reqd and the CCA can change heaps between brands and $$ spent , plus bikes don't usually have enough lenght in the leads to be able to reach if you get the terminals wrong.

    But back on topic , most bike shops or even battery retailers will have a little black book to tell them which ones will fit. All they will need is, make model and year. then all you need to decide is how much you want to spend.
  5. I think the last time was by the same poster :!:
  6. Thanks guys!

    I did give a call to my local battery retailer, and they've told me that they have a couple listed for ZZR's... :(
    They mentioned the YB9 - which got me excited, but then said that they only had a really premium quality on in stock (so a little more expensive) and that it's $65... ?

    That kinda got me worried... i seem to remember that last battery I bought (5+ years ago) costing around the $110 mark. :?:

    I'll ask them if one of the recommend ones is a YB9L-A2 and see how I go.