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calling vtr250 owners (and ex-owners) .. post-service stuff

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by emsie, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I promise I've searched high and low for responses already existing in this forum and haven't found any - not sure if that's a reflection on the topic existing or the search function .. or me :p

    Anyways, I had my vtr250 (2005) serviced by a mate the other day and it now feels a bit different to when I handed it over to him - my bike was just in that zone of "I know the clutch really well" before and obviously that's been adjusted now :p

    So, my first question: just how different should the bike feel when you get it back after a service? Should it feel brand new, should it be the same, just that the filters and stuff are replaced and it should be running better?

    First off, I think the cables need to be rerouted under the tank cos I can hear a rubber on rubber kinda noise as I turn the bars left. Should be a relatively easy one.

    Secondly, the clutch has been adjusted so it disengages when my hand is almost fully extended. That's probably where it's meant to be, but it's the only vtr250 I've ever ridden and my hands are too small to have it where it is. That's just a matter of adjusting the clutch so there's 10mm to 20mm of slack as per the destructions, yeah? Anyone got any good tips on how to adjust it? I'm not particularly mechanically minded but it reads as a relatively simple job in the service manual (the 30-odd meg file I downloaded) so I'd like to be able to do it myself and learn something.

    Third, the only two times I've been on the bike since the service, it's been verging on bad weather and probably a bit windier than I was expecting, so I was trying not to think too much of the bike feeling a little all over the place as if it was windy. Now, I had this problem a while back and it turned out to be tyre pressures. I haven't made that mistake since; *every* time I get on the bike now, I check the pressures and the pressures are fine. The chain tension can make the bike kinda feel all over the place just as tyre pressures can, can't it? I need to get the bike out in better weather than I've had it out in so far, just to be sure, but yeah, my best guess is the tension if it's not wind.

    Other than that, my bike is now idling a little lower I noticed (should be +/- 1300rpm - it's probably 11-1200) and whilst it makes it sound much better *grin*, I'm guessing that's why I need the choke on more when I start it now? I hear you adjust the idle with a little black knob on the side of the bike, near the tank. Can anyone confirm it's the little black knob I saw kinda near my fuel switch, or is that something totally different?

    Sorry for the long post, I'm just really paranoid about being safe and whilst I absolutely trust my mate, the bike just doesn't feel like it did before so I'm checking for my own sanity and to (hopefully) learn something in the process for minor adjustments like these :)

    Thanks all!
  2. Re: calling vtr250 owners .. post-service stuff

    just to clarify this, I used to start the bike happily with the choke probably about half way, now it's on fully to start it (and even then it doesn't rev when I start it like it used to so I'd almost immediately have to turn the choke down a bit) .. It's a stab in the dark, but that'd be either idle speed or fuel/air mix?
  3. hmmm you're right about the black knob next to the fuel tap... a little turn goes a long way!

    i can't really comment about servicing on a VTR because mine was written off the weekend before i was going for a service...
  4. Bike shouldn't be all that different after a service unless It's been a long time since the last one generally.
    Yes you should have 10 to 20 mm freeplay in the clutch lever. To adjust just loosen off the big knurled wheel (at the top of the cable near the lever) then adjust the small knurled sleeve. Then just tighten the big wheel up again.
    Yes that's the one. :)
  5. Woot :) I've sorted the clutch - it feels much better now - just gotta get it on the road to see how it *actually* feels. Got my mate checking the bike out again to check the cable routing and other than that the only things left to get sorted are the idle (which I'm told was reduced a little cos it was idling a touch too high before) and getting on it when the weather's a bit better to see how the backend feels. I've checked the slack on the chain and it's spot on for the numbers on the chainguard (25mm - 35mm .. it's sitting at about 25mm) so best guess is if it's not the weather knocking me about, I need to just get used to the feel of the bike again :)