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calling kiwi help pls?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ceska, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Kia Ora!

    I'm off to NZ for the first time with hubby. He'd like to hire a motorbike for a few days & do some touring the south island.

    We both hold a full AU Drivers License with restrictions on BA & carrying pillions until Nov for bike.

    Do these same restrictions transfer when in NZ? He has an international DL if this helps at all?

  2. don't get beached

  3. :cheeky: bugger, I figured that part, which is why i'm trying to find a licensing reason so we DON'T hire a bike this time around!
    We're also going north so if its possible there i know he'll do it. Me, I'd rather do another trip in 2010 spring/autumn/summer
  4. So are you going to hire a Guxxer or a Bandut?

    A Goldwung would be comfortable.
  5. Goldwung would be cumfortable, but they look shut...
    I'd be going a nunja
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    To help you prepare for your trip, a "Blending with the Locals" Instructional video can be found ZdVHZwI8pcA[/media]]here
  7. right, so no one has a clue.... np, i'll keep researching

    **mods pls lock thread if u come across this**
  8. lol relax ceska, we just love poking fun at the kiwis :grin:
    i know there arent many, but im sure there are a few kiwi riders on here, hopefully one can get back to you soon enough.

    try googling for a kiwi motorbike forum, i cant remember the name of it but i know there is a big one like netrider. think its something obvious like kiwibiker.net hahahha. if you can find it, sign on there and im sure they can give you an answer easy as, bru. :p
  9. nibs, I'm just frustrated cos i really don't wanna b riding on this particular holiday!! i'd rather ski & stay on my ass the entire time than ride in snow!!

    poor NZ folk always get picked on... the above link is funny, yet u gotta admit, this is a useless thread :wink:
  10. google is a wounderful thing......


    .......only cause riding is better than skiing (snow,cold,wet,miserable) any day
  11. why are you looking all this up then?
    tell him kiwis are restricted to 50cc limit for the first 3 years or something :LOL:

    or bugger it, let him ride, u go skiing and stuff. relax :)

    oh u want to enjoy time with hubby?
    you're married remember.
    his balls should be in your handbag :grin:

    dont think id wanna be riding much if its snowing n stuff though. awesome roads, but snow = cold = ice. not fun on the bike.

    just talk to him :) if you really enjoy NZ, go back in the summer, and you can both do a ride, tour the country :twisted:
  12. Garners hire bikes in Christchurch, will help you out. It is the same firm as the Nth Melb Garners.
  13. If you do have a current and valid overseas driver licence or international
    driving permit, you can drive using that for a maximum of 12 months from
    the date you arrive in New Zealand.

    Each time you visit New Zealand, you can drive for a further 12-month
    period on your overseas licence or international driving permit.

    You must have your driver licence or international driving permit with you
    at all times when you're driving.

    For more information, email info@nzta.govt.nz
  14. Well seeing as no one has been any help, Im an expat Kiwi. You will be fine on the Oz licence. As for hiring bikes it been so long since I was there and never been back so heaps changed Im guessing. I have heard that the hire bikes are very expensive. You could consider shipping your own bike for close to the cost of what it would be for a hire bike and possibly less??
    Man for that job would be Dave Milligan of get routed tours fame. Does and awesome job and knows his stuff too.
  15. Dunno if shipping bikes to NZ has the same restriction as cars ....... but I reckon it could end up costing A LOT. With cars, you used to have to put up a bond and it needed to be temporarily registered in NZ - as I said dunno if that is the same for bikes, but if you want to go that route, then best check it out.
  16. Get routed charges about $1500 to ship your bike to and from NZ for 1 months riding time. Organises Rego and roadworthy for you. All you do is roll up to the shipping yard, turn the key and go. Well worth the money I reckon. Nothing like riding your own bike on your favourite tyres on the best motorcycling roads known to man. My opinion. I did it and highly reccomend it. Best fun I've had in my life. I wore out 2 and 1/2 sets of tyres, did just under 10,000kms and spent about a week in hospital over there. All good :LOL: