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calling it quit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. while taking a shower, with a little tingling pain in my thumb, after tiredly trying to drill a bolt out, i had the urge to call it a quit... it's been one crazy & memorable 7 months of experiences with the odometer almost clocking 19k.., and come to think of it, i think i have xperienced em all.. speeding, riding on the edge, track days, hooning with the thursday ride in town, squiding, knee down (well there is a little mark on the slider after track day :grin:), bike shutdown while i was splitting in the rain, with the tail flippering (almost worn rear tyre)... i had to turn the key on again.. enjoy the beautiful autumn of marysville and lake mountain.., overtook big bike with what i would say rossi style.. :LOL: , and last but not least... crashing in style in my fav road... would be good if someone can point out something that i might have missed....

    so... i think it's time for me to call it a quit. i think i need to find something new for the christmas... i would soon create a thread to sell my stuff... please check them out :grin:

    and also check out this song:

    adios everybody
  2. Well mate, sorry to see you go but it sounds like you're very comfortable with your decision. I guess it's another page you can add to the book of life.

    All the best, and have fun with your new hobbie...

    [​IMG] :LOL:
  3. Here we go again...... :p
  4. nope - you've totally confused me
  5. Wot???

    You're giving up riding???

    Like a little girly man???
  6. Quitting on your 1000 posts, style ;)

    Just don't ruin it by posting anymore! :p
  7. gay gay gay post.
    why quit? why not take it easy and enjoy the feeling of people watching you cruise by... you make it sound like you must either live on the edge and ride dangerously or not do it at all.
  8. It takes balls to say you can't hack it anymore, and perhaps even bigger balls to say your too foolish to behave responsibly.

    Enjoy the fishing :)
  9. ...early/late April fools joke??
  10. All the best to you.

    I guess some people like to experience a bit of everything. Others like to experience the full depths of just a few things.

    I don't know how you ride, but perhaps you haven't experienced perfection? The perfect run of splitting/cornering/spinning it up... Knowing that it was your skill, understanding of how and why the techniques apply... mastering the bike/road... Indistingishable clarity. Sure I've ridden twisties, I've learnt some techniques, but to perfect it is something else.

    I don't know, maybe I'll quit riding some day too, but I highly doubt it'll be because I've experienced it all. "All" depends on "at what level?"
  11. Sorry to hear this.

    But if you do go ahead with your decision to quit riding, bear in mind it may only be for now.

    Sooner or later, you will feel the urge to return.

    And we'll be here when you do.


    Give up riding - are you mad!

    :evil: :evil: :p
  12. Oh, about another 40-50years of the most bone saturatingly addictive life experiences that humans can have.

    Every ride is different, even if it's on the same roads. Every kilometer of tarmac travelled ingrains itself into your psyche, playing tantalisingly through your sub-concious night and day, urging you to get out and relive those moments of sheer unabashed unadulterated joy as the machine becomes an extension of one's senses as you carve through the scenery, tickling the neurons with sights and sounds that simply cannot be captured in any other way.

    In the near future you'll find yourself replaying those moments in your mind's eye, like a nostalgic video camera, and the choice is then yours to turn your back on it, or to get out there and continue to enrichen the tapestry of the soul.
  13. we have a poet in our midst well put flux, i look forward to the next 40-50 years :D

    best of luck abvc
  14. Just ask the Rev wink3.

    abvc, sounds like a spur-of-the-moment decision dude.
    Maybe. Just maybe, that urge you felt was of the Devil. smiley_consoling.
    Have you been looking at p0rn recently or looking at disgusting websites?

    "In the name of Jesus, & with the almighty power in me, I rebuke that
    demon in you abcv. Satan, you will take you afflication & LEAVE this man
    NOW.. in the name of Jehovah"

    OK. Did you just feel a strange sensation in your chest? :?

    If its a decision you are 100% comfortable with, then I wish you all
    the best mate in whatever you do next. Probably ne good to hold
    on the sale just a bit.. unless you're strapped for cash.

  15. take up stunt riding :grin:
  16. Get your arse on a dirt bike and hit a trail. If you've never given it a go you're missing the better half of riding.
  17. catchya!
  18. I don't think of riding as something to eventually "quit"... but as mentioned you seem content with your decision so goodbye and goodluck :)
  19. iondah: that really sums it up :LOL: i'll miss the day.. a good time to open another chapter in life :LOL: ah the boat, maybe someday :grin:
    doonx: :?:
    ktulu: yea.. been there done that :LOL:
    phizog: :LOL: i just noticed that too! cool
    habibi: that was why i was riding :LOL:
    mouth: :LOL: lot of balls rolling..
    robsalvv: noo it's for real
    pinkxie: i guess we are not perfect.. and your right. set your own level, and rock on :grin: i reckon i will crash again if i go faster than now :p
    templemonkey: :LOL: thanks man. ride safe :p
    flux: experience really speaks for itself :up:
    nettehead: cool :)
    mg: :LOL: time to visit the dark side
    nam: good idea :grin:
    kols: maybe... maaybe..
    joel: i willl still be here :LOL: lurking
  20. :LOL: :LOL: abvc

    Funny man :grin: