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Calling EX vtr250 owners

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AnotherMacca, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Just noticed Bogus69 has upgraded from the VTR to a BMW, I've upgraded from a VTR to a Zed, and Undii has upgraded from the VTR to a Trumpy... :cool:

    I'm putting the call out to all EX vtr250 owners - what have you upgraded to, and what influenced your decision?
  2. 96 zx6r

    I have always wanted a Kawasaki and was the right price at the right time.
  3. '00 VTR250 ----> '04 CBR600F4i

    First thing to point out......it was a very painful parting. It was my first bike, I learnt how to ride on it and it was a beautiful little machine. But I couldn't justify two bikes at the time when I came off my restrictions.

    As for the F4i, I wanted to travel but still wanted a sports bike with some real poke. All the reviews I read said the F4i was one of the best mid-capacity sports tourers going around and everything I had heard about Honda in general had been good. Very good commuter, can use it at the track(within reason), and was a less aggressive riding posture for a tall bloke with a bad back(like me). So the F4i was the go.

    Since then I found the F4i wasn't quite what I needed for longer trips, especially when I was having to turn around at the sight of a gravel road. So the V-Strom was the next purchase and given the bikes have different traits and purposes, and I have the bucks, this justified a 2-bike garage.
  4. Pretty much exactly the same upgrade as Bogus (at almost the same time), 02 VTR250 -> 07 BMW F800ST. Hoorah! :grin:

    Butz. :beer:
  5. Just don't use your brakes and she'll be right. :cool:
  6. Currently in the process of finding a bike to upgrade to...sold my VTR a couple of months back and due to upgrade in November.

    I'm looking at a K7 GSXR600 (if I can get a good new price), 05 R6 as I'm told it's quite a user friendly sportsbike with good midrange, and even considered the 07 600RR though I don't think I can stretch the budget.

    Still struggling with the decision and budget so can't say for sure what I'll end up with...

    I've always liked sportsbikes but am led to believe they are gutless down low...I want my next bike to have enough power and flexibility in the lower ranges for 'normal' urban riding...

    Another factor I'm considering is size - the VTR was nice and small (I'm only 172cm, 67kg)

    Interesting to see what all you other ex-VTR riders upgraded to!

  7. If you want midrange then rule out the 600 class. Especially the later model R6's ZXR's and CBR's of the world.

    Try an SV650. Plenty of low torque and will comfortably get you to 220km/h.
  8. VTR250 to Ducati S2R 800 Monster, gone with the 250 copy to the real thing (when it gets here)

    Awesome bike for a 250.
  9. My deciscion was based on many things.

    -Wanted an allrounder as I have no car
    -Wanted light and economical
    -Wanted to get away from a chain
    -limited testride availability of other models
    -Riding comfort
    -servicing costs

    Bloody hell, I miss my bike!!!!
    Wont be back in Aus til Dec :(
  10. Oops, I forgot to list my reasoning, but many are similar again to Bogus. I'll list all the deciding factors I can remember that sold me on it.

    - Wanted an allrounder (plan to use for commute, twisty fun and two-up-touring)
    - Needed a quite low seat height, which ruled out lots of bikes (I'm about 165cm or 5'5")
    - Wanted light and economical (mid 180kgs dry and gets about 350km from 15ltrs when 2-up!)
    - Wanted more grunt than a 600 (tourer type), but more economy than most litre bikes
    - Wanted to get away from a chain
    - Riding comfort
    - Servicing interval (10k rather than 6k of most bikes of the big 4 Japanese companies)

    Lower down on the list was that I wanted something that I liked the look of (I think it's a great looking bike) and was a little different (originally wanted a Viffer, and glad I didn't now...for me they are too tall, heavy and common).

    Butz. :beer:

    P.S. Bogus, sorry to hear you're off it for a while, mine will be in for it's 10k service next week. ;)
  11. Upgrade from VTR250 what upgrade??

    Current VTR250 rider of the female variety and 4'11" tall. I don' think I will ever be able to upgrade from the VTR250 due to my height.

    Nobody makes a bike that I can throw my leg over and then physically get it off the sidestand. Ducati Monster is my ideal bike, CB 400 is ok but an import and I don't want to go there.

    I bought the VTR New 3yrs ago and have been riding for 2yrs and have clocked up 25,000 kms on her.

    She is a great motorcycle, has no bad habits, have put hubby's heart into palpitations on more than one occasion while he is following me thru corners on his CB1300 Power to weight ratio is great.

    Rode to PI last year, my first trip away with luggage on bike and gained a whole new experience about motorcycling.

    Live on forever the VTR250
  12. As stated, I did VTR250 -> Trumpy 675. I think my next buy will be another VTR250. A _LOT_ of my "non bike" mates which I have known for years are all getting into buying bikes :grin: We went for a ride on the weekend, I think it was the most fun I've had on a bike in a long time. The "frenzy" has gotten my girlfriend into wanting to ride again so I'm gonna buy a bike for her which will double as a local runabout bike and I just love the lil' VTR for little fangs about.

    I'll still be keepin' the 675 for a looong time unless I sell to a friend and immediately get onto a street triple.. a long maaaybe!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. The list so far:

    96 Kawasaki ZX6r
    04 Honda CBR600F4i
    07 BMW F800ST
    07 BMW F800ST
    ?? Ducati S2R 800 Monster
    06 Trumpy 675
    06 Zed 750
    ?? GSXR 600 (Possibly)

    Interesting stats (from a small selection). 6 of the 8 have gone for faired bikes, only 1 person has stayed on a twin, and no-one has gone for a thou.

    Did anyone think about looking at a bigger, naked twin? I looked at the Firestorm, but the fuel usage thing scared me. Then I looked at the Z1000, but I ended up on the Z750 because it was the right price at the right time.

    I agree with Wazza too - if I was commuting daily, I'd be back on a VTR 250 in a heartbeat.
  14. I started out on a 2004 VTR250 in February 2006. Was due to sell it at end of September when I came off my P's but, like gegvasco, I also had a painful seperation from my VTR but of a different kind.

    In August I got knocked off it by a truck turning out of a sidestreet in front of me. Wrote the VTR off and also wrote my kneecap off as well as other minor-ish injuries. Just waiting for the knee to finish healing then ill be back on a bike before xmas hopefully.

    I was looking at upgading to the Firestorm but as mentioned above the fuel consumption put me off. I've now decided on getting a Triumph Daytona 675. The triple is not moving too far away from a twin and still gives me that growling engine note i loved on the VTR :p
  15. vtr250-gpx250-zx9-granny scooter

    just kept moving up. the first change was inspired by vtr breaking down to 'cant be helped' point
  16. re: the fairings.

    I definately wanted at least a bikini fairing and not another full naked bike because of getting blown about.
    I would have been happy with the F800S if it was only about looks but I wanted the riding position of the ST and the extras.


    when you are ready to buy another VTR250 give me a shout. I might still have mine. :)
  17. Will do mate :grin:
  18. Ducati Monster S2R800. Seemed like the natural progression....
  19. .
    VTR250 + Moto Guzzi v65 Lario + Honda NSR150 + Moto Guzzi V65 Lario

    And in that order. Have them all.

    Couldn't sell the VTR - it's just too good.

    Wouldn't sell the VTR - what could replace it?


    Trevor G
  20. got a 600RR after mine. Loved it! just not the cost of the 600 upkeep and insurance :?

    so I'm on the vtr250 again :grin: