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Calling Brisbane 50cc scooter riders

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Aprilia_sr50, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Any 50cc scooter riders in Brisbane interested in getting a riding group together. I've noticed (esp. on this forum) we cop a fair bit of shit. So like any spurned minority, we need to stick together. I'm thinking Sunday morning rides with 10-15 50cc's buzzing around the srteets of Brisbane would be preety cool.

  2. im in brisbane and ride a 50cc to work everyday!!!!!

    got a old PGO tho so nothing to flash
  3. 50cc is never cool :twisted:

    Have fun.
  4. You just don't get it, do you Phizog? More fun riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. There's plenty of fun to be had on a 50, and if you're not sure, bring your SV up to Brisbane and take on Jason with his Piaggio Typhoon 50 around the Queensland Raceway kart track. He'll lap you in ten laps, just as he does many of the motards and junior racers. Or see if you've got what it takes to race one for 24 hours.

    You've really got to try more aspects of motorcycling than the obvious ones, you know?
  5. Please no.

    It's bad enough I have to avoid you in peak hour traffic and now you want to invade my weekends?

    One scooter struggling to get to 60 in a 60 zone is bad enough but 10 to 15 in a group and cagers are gonna get mental.
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  7. What lap times is he down to?
  8. 103-ish last time I heard. That'd make him mid-field in the motards I think. A tribute to good riding and a determination to hold corner speed at all cost, when you don't have much top speed to play with on the straights!
  9. That would tac onto the back of the novices, good going for a scoot.
  10. That is a great idea, go for it. I used to ride a scoot and I got a lot of shit from alot of people... I thknk, the problem with scooter riders is that they don't think like motocyclists.

    They really need to though.
  11. Yeah I'd be up for a scooter cruise. Get your socks and thongs on, singlet and aviators on, a creaming soda in the cup holder and your ready to cruise bris vegas