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Calling Aprilia RS125 Owners...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jpdeyoung, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if there are any owners of early 2000 model RS125s in the Adelaide area that might be willing to let me have a sit on their bike to see how it feels. I'm considering picking one up interstate but I don't really want to spend the cash on a flight since I'll be using an inspection service to check it out anyways.

    Many thanks :)
  2. be sure to post about thoughts when you have a ride (I'm interested but not old enough)
  3. Will do. Most everything I've read on the forums about the RS125s have been positive, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty and doing a rebuild with a mechanically-minded friend looking over my shoulder.

    Also, if there are any Sydneysiders lurking about that wouldn't mind having a look/ride at the bike I'd happily pay them for their troubles. :beer: I'm more inclined to trust someone from NR than a random inspection company.
  4. I can totally understand the sentiment, how much experience have you had with bikes in general? (just wondering if I go with a rs125 in future)

    I too have only heard positive things as well there were a few in NSW for sale when I looked at it yesterday, bikesales.com.au, see if you can get a test-drive with one of them although maybe it would be better if you could compare it to a well maintaned one.

    there is a rider here with his as his avatar, read a few posts and you will find the user I am talking about and ask for his location

    EDIT: here are a few usernames for you to ask: boingk, Rashpocket, mrCAMPO

    and another thing I have read is that you must wait for it to warm up before you use any real power, bit of a negative IMO
  5. From memory, I think you are referring to boingk, who I believe has the earlier model RS125's. I don't know if I can assist, as I only had my RS for 2 weeks and I bought it brand new from the showroom. Let me know though if there is anything you need to know.
  6. I don't have much experience at all, this will be my first bike. I've ridden a couple dirt bikes, but never done any work on them. I used to do a lot of the work on my car before I moved over here (originally from California) so I'm comfortable with the mechanical side of things, it will just be a bit of a learning curve I assume...

    I've been scouring the web the past few weeks and there are a few that I've found in NSW and ACT that have caught my eye. An auction for a 2006 just ended on eBay for $2,600, lost at the last second - but that one had been dropped at "low speeds", needed an engine rebuild and didn't have any rego, so not too upset that I lost as it would have been a project straight out of the gate.
  7. Many thanks. I had a look at the new pics that you posted of your bike - looks sweet. I really like the paint job (y)
  8. Thanks mate. All I can say is that I have had no regrets with my bike. The power beyond 8000k is sweet and it's just plain fun to ride so far. I'm not trying to sound vain, but the RS gets a few stares even from the big litre boys. It's a fairly rare to bike to see on the road and I've grown on the 2 stroke whine.

    You should perhaps take a look at these links and hope you gain a wealth of info.

  9. I used to own one not that long ago - to be honest now that I'm looking for a track day bike I kinda regret selling it.

    It's a great machine - quite possbily the best handling bike you will ever own. I haven't been able to feel as confident around corners on my later bikes as I did on the 125. I bought one when I had a restriced licence and and my GPX250 was putting me to sleep - best decision I ever made I think. Sure it's a little harder to master (if you don't know how to slip a clutch you'll soon be an expert) but the rewards made it all worthwhile.

    - Steer it with your thighs. It almost moves telepathically it's that light.
    - Get horizontal at will - I remember overtaking many bigger bikes on the corners of my first track day.
    - Best transmission I have ever experienced. Sports class.
    - Aprilia make FINE machines. The finish is top class. You feel like you're riding a downsized superbike instead of a cheap 'starter-bike'.

    - Revving it to 7 k whenever you take off. I felt a little self-conscious when doing it alongside the litre-bikes - I felt like I was trying to take them on!
    - Top end speed. At the end of the day you just want more out of it and 125cc's will only get you so far. I used to top out at 140kph.
    - Rebuids. And watch the powervalve in laater models. If you don't feel it surge at 7k it probably needs a clean. I was a little unimpressed with mine until I discovered this. Lots of people don't know about it - so look out for it.
    - I wont say power cause if you keep it between 7-12k you will beat any car and keep up with most other road bikes.

    Later models have an oil resevior so you don't need to treat it different to a 4 stroke with day to day riding. Yeah I say get one.

    Hell, I want one now!!!!
  10. it sounds like a great bike, mrCampo have you had any cold days where you have had to wait for it to warm up? if so how long did it take? in terms of expenses do you believe it will cost you more to run a two-stroke, with oil and rebuilding?

    I was looking further into rebuilding and it sounded easy enough, there are a few kits out on the net and it is only the pistons and seals to replace and I would only do around 10k km a year so it souldn't take too much out.

    Is it a great first bike for $5k~ (used) as compared to an older bike along the lines of a VTR or ZZR and what about vs the gs500.

    I am not sure about the changing revs every few minutes, do you get used to it or are you still concentrating on doing it consciously?

    sorry about the questions I really want to be prepared for when I get my Ls.

    EDIT @ christopher with the oil reservoir, will it mean not having to check oil everytime you fill up, or is it just you wont need to carry oil when you expect to fill up.

    also with the monitoring of the internals, will it come with ownership (I do plan to read the manual of whatever bike I get from start to end)? I just don't have friend who have motorbike expertise.

    and MRcompo will you deresrtict your bike at all? and what are your thoughts on buying a new bike for your first as opposed to a used which may be sold later at the same price?
  11. It IS a great bike. It's been quite warm lately, but on one occasion it did take a little bit longer to start. Just gotta use that choke and release after 10 seconds. Mine stays at 2000rpm, then settles to 1500rpm once it hits 3 bars temp. About 3-5 mins to warm up, so no big fuss and you should warm up any bike regardless if its 2/4 stroke. Again my bike is brand new so it's hard to fault but when you are looking for 2nd hand, make sure they do a cold start.

    The 2 stroker oil is a bit of a killer - $34.95 for a Motul Fully-Synth 710 1ltr. I bought this and will continue to because this is regarded as the best oil to use. I've done 250k's with 1 fuel refill, and the oil tank is half full. It will be more frequent than a 4 stroker, however if you got a decent job you wouldn't care too much anyway. When the oil warning light switches on, I am told the capacity is at 30% full.

    Spark plug is an NGK BR10EG. $15. Bought one as a spare.

    Changing revs bit - Once you get used to the bike, you will get comfortable with the right revs per speed. I'll admit that the clutch requires a bit more play because you want to be around 5-6000rpm when launching.

    Just don't be too paranoid about its reliability. You should bring a mate who knows about bikes when you inspect one. It is such a great little machine and you will enjoy every minute of it. People may guide you towards an easier bike to ride eg. VTR, Ninja, but if you are after a true mini-superbike and want a little bit of a challenge, then go the RS. But to put things into perspective for you... I've had the bike for 2 weeks, and this is the SECOND bike I've been on inc. the learner course bike, and I feel confident being on the RS now.
  12. Yeah I agree with what Mr Campo said.

    I used to commute on mine and went through a couple of litres of Motul oil every month or so. No big deal. You just check the resevoir once a week to see how it's going and top up as needed.

    You get used to the frequent shifting. It's part of the bikes character. I ride a 1125CC V twin now which is practically an automatic, and I still shift around even when I don't really need to - a habit I learned on the 125.

    Rode mine in the dead of winter and the extra warm up time was negligable.

    OK now the BIG piece of advice: Australian RS125s are sold unrestriced! It took me a long time to verify this as most sales guys don't have a clue. In Europe they sometimes remove the powervalve altogether ( which you can check by sight). The other method used is to modify the CDI (an electirc box that is under the pillion seat) to prevent the powerband surge kicking in. In the 06-07 models you could de-restrcit them by snapping a smalll bridge on these units. I did it on mine to be sure and it made no difference. The 08-09 models now use digital mapping to restrict the CDI in the UK (meaning you buy a remapped one on eBay and plug it in) so I'm not 100% sure, but I'd be very suprised if they'd changed it. We don't have the same restriction laws here.

    And I knew nothing about bikes when I first got mine. There are 2 really good forums with picture-based how-to guides covering all major work. The online community is really helpful with these bikes.
  13. That makes me feel leagues better, cause I'll be in the same boat after my L's test this weekend. I've got a friend in ACT checking out a 2002 model and if the report comes back positive I'll be putting in an offer! I'm not 100% in love with the paint job - it's mostly black with some red bars on the tank - but of the things to complain about, that's not very high on the list.

    The more good things I hear about these bikes the more excited I'm getting...
  14. Do let us know how you're travelling with your potential RS purchase!
  15. i have an RS250 trackbike and a mate on his L's has an RS125.
    great bikes.

    just dont think of the RS as an everything bike. its a GP bike for the street.
    dont get upset at it when the performance drops depending on the weather.
    dont blame the bike if you're on the street and want more than 150kph. (take it to the track valentino).
    dont get upset that you have to warm it up before setting off, its all part of that GP bike experience. :)

    ...ahh the smell of 2stroke in the morning.
  16. At the moment I'm waiting on my girlfriend's best friend's boyfriend (you follow that? :confused:) to have a look at a bike in Canberra. Looks pretty sweet from the photos and the guy seemed alright from the chat I had with him on the phone. Once I get the official report I'll most likely put in an offer!

    I'm having trouble sleeping lately cause I can't stop picturing RS's as I'm laying in bed :)

    I'll keep you posted, I'm sure I'll have an update in a couple days!
  17. What is your budget? Was it 5k? Was gonna ask if you like the new shape too?
  18. My total budget (including gear) is about $5,500, so realistically I'd be looking for a bike between $4 and $4.5k.

    Interesting development as of about 2 hours ago, I got a second chance bid on eBay for a 2007 model for $2,500, only trouble is that it's been written off before (owner before the seller, if I understand correctly) and it's presently not running. Seller thinks it might need the engine rebuilt. Not sure if the $2,500 is worth the gamble, but I figure that even if I put $2,000 into getting it repaired (which, realistically, I should be able to do for less - maybe??)

    Any opinions??
  19. Don't do it...

    It would be much more satisfying to just pick up a reliable 2nd hander that's ready to be ridden. Especially for your first bike, I would hate to be sourcing parts and waiting for rebuild, assembly, tuneup etc, who knows what may need to be assessed..

    Please just pick up a bike that's GOOD TO GO!

    Did you see this? http://tiny.cc/ufbXs
  20. Steer clear mate. If this is your first bike then you dont want a high maintenance machine. You may get turned off for life!!!! Write offs are for track bikes or project bikes only!

    I was in Ray Quincy in the Melbourne CBD at lunchtime today and they had an RS125 for 4.5k. 2001 model I think - 15,000ks which means it's probably due for a rebuild.

    Looked ok though. Check it out.