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Calling Aprilia Riders (Top End Rebuild)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kiss_the_future, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. I was riding home a few weeks back when the bike made a weird noise before the engine died suddenly. There is no compression either, so i can freely push the bike while in gear without using the clutch.

    Anyway I think im looking at a top end rebuild...so i ask upon the Aprilia riders who have undertaken this procedure. What kind of price range am i looking at, and who should i go to for parts?

    Its an Aprilia RS 125 1999 with 17k
  2. umm hate to say it but with that level of loss of compresion it may be a little more involved than a quick set of rings.

    can you hear the piston moving or something turning inside it when you push it in gear?????
  3. by the sounds of it you need to go straight to a mechanic, cause shit like that doesnt just happen, something caused it, and by the sounds of it that something could be serious. As for parts just call an aprillia dealer, but you will probly be waiting a while, i did a top end in an rs125 recently and i waited for over a month to get a piston and rings off aprillia, and from memory it was very pricey, something like $400 just for the piston and rings! still had to pay for the little end bearing and gaskets.
  4. For some reason i have a sneaky suspicion that there was no oil being sucked into the tank...i only say this because while i haven't ridden the bike often, my red oil light usually comes on even when the oil tank is half empty.

    But i guess i'll have to get a mechanic to check it out before all is known.